Dave Wilson   RB   Virginia Tech   


 Round 2


David has the size, strength and speed to be a one-cut nightmare running back for the team that drafts him.  He has excellent straight line quickness and I suspect his 10 yard split when he runs 40 yards will be very fast and impressive.  David is a perfect fit for a zone blocking scheme running game.  He shows quick feet and has a powerful lower body that makes you feel that leg injuries will not be much of a problem for David at the next level.  David shows some good hands out of the backfield and when he runs through the tackles, he sticks his head into a pile of bodies to gain those tough yards that most backs his size will not even try.  David wants to be the man.  This drives him to be the best running back on the field. For David this is a gift...and a curse.



David tries to do too much on the field and it gets him into trouble.  He might not have the highest of football intelligence and then again his problems might just be because he wants to be the best player on the field and has too much confidence in his own athletic talents.  He doesn't have very good lateral agility nor does he know how to set up blocks for his offensive line.  He consistently out runs his offensive linemen on sweeps and in general is too impatient and immature with his running style.  He blindly goes forward where no other running back would go.  He has to learn to time his running style with his offensive linemen and give them a chance to block for him.  This will happen better at the NFL level with more skilled, experienced offensive lineman.  David is successful at the college level because he is a better athlete than most of his opponents.  He has to learn to be smarter, play with more patience, read defenses, catch balls down the field like a WR, block and in general, start playing more team oriented football on the field. I'm sure he is a good teammate in the locker room, but on the field he doesn't think in those same terms or he would recognize his own limitations and work to improve them.  He has to learn to take a step back to take five steps forward.  



David is what I call a gift (and a curse)-style running back.  The gift is his athletic talent.  The curse is his over-confidence in his athletic talent.  If David does not get injured and learns to block better, read defenses and catch the ball down the field, with his speed he could be as dangerous as Adrian Peterson (RB, Minnesota Vikings).  As I said before, David is made to impact in a zone blocking scheme.  However, as soon as the NFL teams understand the only reason David is in the game is to run the ball, they will shut down his athletic talent really fast.  David has to become smarter to impact more than a year or two in the NFL.  Remember it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.  In spite of his on the field immature running style, David has to be drafted early in this draft because of his work ethic, speed and overall potential to impact at the running back position.  His immaturity in his style of play on the field, is not from a lack of effort, in fact it derives from a lack of too much effort.  He has to learn to trust his offensive line and coaches and realize his career at the next level depends on their abilities more than his abilities.  Don't get me wrong -- David looks to be a good person, but I can see by his play on the field that he only depends on one person, David Wilson.  I like this kid and think he is a perfect fit for a zone blocking scheme.

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 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12