Devin Still   DL   Penn St


 Round 3


Devin is your typical size-speed ratio defensive tackle that most teams will find hard to pass up in the first round of this draft after he works out.  He can be as dominating as he wants to be and can take a game over.  He has the athletic talent and bulk to play in any style of defense as a DE or a DT in multiple fronts.  He can also play in a 1-gap or 2-gap style of defense.  He has very good feet and nice change of direction skills.  Devin can do anything he wants on a football field.  He is as talented as Marcell Darius DL, the overall third choice in the 2011 draft taken by Buffalo.  He also has talent equal to Ndamukong Suh DL, the second overall choice in the 2010 draft by Detroit.  So you have to ask yourself, where has Devin been for the last three years?   



He's Lazy (yes, with a capital L), plays to his competition, only showed up to play in his Senior year and even then, only the games he thought were important.  He is not a good teammate, does not work with other linemen very well on stunts, guesses too much and can't be trusted to always play his responsibilities first.



Devin is what I call a contract player.  The later he is selected in the draft, the better it will be for the team that drafts him.  Draft in the 1st round and I'm not sure what he will do with the money or if he will show up for work.  Draft him later and the chip on his shoulder should be just be the kick in the buttocks that makes him the player his talents suggest he should be...for his first contract.  In my opinion, we are talking someone with the "Albert Haynesworth disease".  At least that is what I see in the way he plays on the field and his past history at Penn St.  He has the talent and size to be dominating, but it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.  Look for this kid to work his way up into the top ten if his workouts and interviews are good.  Devin is your typical boom or bust player with more bust than boom.  

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12