Devon Wylie   WR/ST   Fresno St         


 Round 4


Devon's size limits him to being considered a specialty player for the next level, but his speed and athleticism screams starting impact player for the team that drafts him.  He is quick and fast; a combination that is hard to find.  He is an excellent punt returner with the quick cutting ability to be as good as Devin Hester (WR, Chicago Bears).  His ability to run routes quickly and get separation because of his quick feet makes him a threat to become a starting wide receiver much like Wes Welker (WR, NE Patriots).  He can play in the slot and be a match-up nightmare for linebackers and safeties.  Devon's hand-eye coordination to catch the ball is as good as any receiver in this draft.  He is tough and will hang on to the ball; he has the agility to catch the ball even while doing the "plow pose" in the middle of a yoga class.  Devon can get you back in the game, score really fast and change the tone of a game.  He can excite the crowd and his teammates and coaches without touching the ball very much during the game.



Devon is more effective being a north-south runner and will try at times to do too much.  He opens himself to injuries because he hasn't learned how to absorb hits.  He has trouble understanding that not every play needs to be a touchdown.  He has to play smarter and learn situational football to become a starting receiver.  He has to learn that moving the chains is just as important as scoring touchdowns.  In the right system he could start, but not if he doesn't play smarter and stay away from injuries. 



It really comes down to Devon learning to play smarter and understanding his strengths and limitations.  He has great talent and, with his speed and quickness, he can change a game in a flash.  He has to stop thinking that he can run around like a chicken and break a big play.  That won't happen often enough for him to impact at the next level.  When he takes the ball, goes up the field and makes the needed cuts, he is lightning.  When takes the ball a runs criss-crossing all over the place losing yardage to try to gain yardage, he looks like a group of prisoners in a jail break.  When Devon does his jail break routine at the next level, all that will happen is injuries succeeding in putting the offense in a hole up against its own end zone.  Nevertheless, Devon has the talent to break a game open and score two touchdowns in two touches from anywhere on the field.  That's impressive.   

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