Doug Martin   RB   Boise St


 Round 3


Doug has excellent athletic talent.  He has great quickness and can cut on a dime.  He is a tough runner and will run the ball through the tackles with strength and balance that is unusual for his size.  He has the speed to out-run many defensive players.  Doug has excellent hands to catch the ball on short screens and in check-down situations.  He is dynamic in the open field and will break tackles. You can use Doug in multiple positions in your offense and it looks like he can catch the ball down the field enough to be used as a slot receiver in third and long.  Doug has special teams ability as a punt returner because of his quickness, strength and good hands.  He is a smart player and looks to be very coachable; he understands situational football.  Doug might be a systems running back and might not fit every team, but I believe he is going to be an excellent football player for the team that drafts him. 



Doug has not shown the kind of vision and cutting ability in the hole that the elite backs need to possess.  Right now, he hits the hole and outruns the defense until he is caught.  He also is not a very good blocker, does not read defense and pick up blitzing linebackers with authority or very good techniques.   



Doug fits a zone blocking scheme running offense, but his lack of blocking skills will keep him off the field in third and long situations unless he can be used as a slot receiver also.  The truth is, those situations are made for him to impact at the next level.  He is a tough kid and can break a big play, but a running back his size has to learn how to block or he will not be on the field to impact.  Right now, there are lots of backs that can do what Doug can do in this draft.  They can make a great cut, run and catch the ball out of the backfield.  What will set Doug apart from those backs is his intelligence and an ability to block. Therefore, until he improves his blocking, he will not start 16 games.  He will be a situational player with special teams talents that can impact a game or two, but not enough games to make him a core player for the team that drafts him. I think Doug will improve and I also think he can catch the ball down the field, but it will take some time.  Until he improves, you should have yourself an excellent special teams player who will impact for your offense at multiple positions at some point in the future.  

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12