Dwayne Allen   TE/H-Back   Clemson


 Round 2


Dwayne has very good athletic talent.  He does an excellent job catching the ball, is tough and runs hard after the catch to gain more yardage.  He is used more as an H-back in a spread offense and gives good effort on every play, including plays where his assignment is blocking.  This offense asks a lot from the person playing this position, but Dwayne is very smart and has the ability to help out his QB reading defenses.  Dwayne has good speed to gain advantage on any linebacker covering him and the size to make it difficult to bring him down in the open field.  In the red zone, Dwayne could be difficult to match up against and become a favorite receiver for a smart QB.  He looks like a very good teammate and his work ethic is without question as you can see by his play on the field. Right now Dwayne is a much better in-line blocker than he is an in-space blocker, which is the most interesting aspect, and at the same time the most concerning aspect, of his game overall. 



Dwayne is a little bit of a tweener right not because he lacks the fluidity when running routes to be a true wide receiver and is not big enough to be an in-line blocking tight end.  He struggles blocking in space because, once he engages, he stops his feet and lacks the lateral agility to stay with his blocks.  In between the tackles and on the move, he is an excellent blocker because that requires a more straight line blocking style.  As an in-line blocker he is excellent, but his lack of bulk will affect his ability to be effective at the next level.  He is already tight in the hips and I'm not sure he has the body type to add more weight and bulk, but he does have great techniques.  So here is how I see it:  Dwayne is an undersized inline blocker who is not fluid enough to be a true wide receiver and struggles to make blocks in open space that is required of a H-Back.  That being said, Dwayne can catch the ball in a drainage ditch with rushing water coming straight at him.  He is fearless and will never give you anything but his best on the field.  Add to that, the fact that he might be smarter than most of a QB's in the league and all I can say is draft him and coach him up!



Dwayne has some limitations athletically, but as far as catching the ball, being smart and giving the effort to overcome/minimize those limitations, I think Dwayne has that and more.  So, he won't be the next great tight end, but in the right system he can become a core player for your offense and a fan favorite.  He will become a leader and he will work harder than most of the players drafted ahead of him.  Personally, I don't think you can go wrong in drafting Dwayne.  Give him some good coaching and teach him some (tricks of the trade) blocking techniques and Dwayne will produce.  Isn't that what the draft is all about -- drafting players you know will produce?! 

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 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12