Dwight Bentley   CB   Louisiana Lafayette        


 Round 3


Dwight has the talent to be a very good cover corner and zone cornerback for the team that drafts him.  He has good size, speed and quickness.  Dwight shows an excellent willingness to support the run and will tackle anything that runs to his side of the field.  Dwight has a smooth gate and is quick to flip his hips and run with his opponent in spite of the fact that most of the time he plays off coverage.  He shows a strong burst to the ball and, at times, plays smart.  Dwight wants to make plays and is always looking for the ball in the air to intercept.   Because of his willingness to tackle, he could be used as a free safety in single safety coverage and that, along with his ability to return punts, should be a bit of a bonus if you draft Dwight.  Dwight has the talent, in a few years, to become an excellent defensive back for the team that drafts him. 



Dwight is a willing tackler, but his techniques are poor.  He drops his head and dives a lot.  He does try to wrap up, but does not always get the job done.  At the next level he will have to get better if he wants to start.  He also needs to play smarter.  He goes for the interception too much.  A lot of times, if he just goes for the tackle, he will have more three and outs to his credit rather than missed interceptions and letting his opponent gain enough yardage for a first down.  He doesn't show good recovery speed, but when the play is in front of him he shows the skills and athletic talent to have good recovery speed.  I think it just needs to be brought out and sometimes recovery speed is all about accepting the fact you made a mistake and learning (while the play is still going) to turn the page and make the tackle!   Dwight has the athletic talent to cover wide receivers of any size at the next level, but will have to get stronger.  He can do it but it might take a year or two.



Dwight will have to learn to stop going for the interception or he will be susceptible to double moves and get beat deep.  He is smart and understands his responsibilities in zone coverage, but he still is to quick to react to fakes and "look offs" by a smart QB.  He has to realize that getting interceptions is not everything, but stopping a wide receiver on third and four is.  He has the skills and the talent; they just need to be refined.  Until they are, he should be able to help out in nickel-dime situations as a corner or safety and in the return game on special teams.  This kid has the talent and with a little more work, he should be a starting defensive back for the team that drafts him. 

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 Drew Boylhart  March/12