Evan Rodriguez   TE/FB/H-Back   Temple       


 Round 4


Evan is a very talented player who can catch the ball down the field like a wide receiver in the middle of a monsoon.  He shows very quick feet and is fast enough to cause safeties and linebackers fits when they try to cover him.  He is quick enough to gain separation against those LB's and safeties and big enough to use his body to gain advantage against most cornerbacks.  He is smart and an excellent teammate; he thinks like a quarterback before the snap of the ball.  Evan is the type of player your quarterback will fall in love with in the passing game.  Inside the red zone, he becomes a big match-up nightmare.  In the middle of the field going up the seam, or being used for crossing routes will drive defenses nuts.  As long as you have the talent to catch the ball like Evan has, smart teams know there is a place for him in the NFL.  Teams just have to find that place.



Evan is a systems football player.  If a team wants him to impact for them, they will have to design plays for him.  He is the type of player you move around your offense for matchup reasons.  He is not a great blocker.  I don't believe he will ever be a very good inline blocker because of his size but he can improve his blocking in open space very easily.  Right now he plays too high, is off balance and stops his feet when he is blocking in open space.  All of these problems are technique related.  He needs to get stronger because he does lack lower body strength which is causing him problems blocking and running the ball in short yardage situations.  He is a willing blocker, just not a good blocker.  WHEN he improves that aspect of his game, watch out!  The kid will stay on the field and impact.



Evan is too small to be a tight end, does not block very well, cannot run as a fullback for a first down on 4th and 1 yard BUT, if you put him on the field he will catch everything thrown to him for touchdowns, 1st downs and yards after the catch.  Evan is a pass catching machine and in this pass happy NFL, teams need a player who can get open when he is not open and catch the ball when everyone in the stadium knows the ball is coming to him.  Evan is that type of receiver.  If Evan blocked better in the open field, I would have rated him higher and, as of this writing, Evan is not considered a top 200 player on Rob's board.  That might not change because only certain teams with true franchise QB's like Peyton Manning (Broncos), Tom Brady (Patriots), Drew Brees (Saints) use a player like this.  It seems to be the one player they all have in common and all of them are successful, so go figure!  Manning had Dallas Clark, Tom Brady has Aaron Hernandez and Drew Brees has Jimmy Graham and, when Mark Sanchez had his most successful season, he had a healthy Dustin Keller! Shocking how much this type of player has had success in the NFL and has helped quarterbacks reach the pinnacle of their passing careers!   I just bet if the Giants drafted Evan that Eli Manning would make very good use of him quickly in the passing game.  Or maybe the Jets new quarterback would know how to use Evan in their new offensive system.  I would think any team with a young QB who is promising and developing would love to have a player with Evan's talents.  Maybe the Browns, the Jaguars, the Panthers or how about those Buccaneers?!  Just a crazy thought.  We all know the two board system is in place for just this reason -- to show you that there are impact players all through the draft, in every round and also in the RFA pool after the draft is over.  A member e-mailed me and asked me "Where does the talent drop off in a draft"?  My answer is, it doesn't.  It's all through the draft and in every round and I believe Evan is proof of that.  He might not be drafted at all.    


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 Drew Boylhart  March /12