Isaiah Pead   RB   Cincinnati        


 Round 3


Isaiah is a tough kid.  When he runs the ball, his effort is excellent.  He plays bigger than his size and has great straight line speed that makes him dangerous every time he touches the ball.  He is a one cut and run player who has some wiggle when he needs it, which means he has the ability to become more than just a running back who will only be effective in a zone blocking scheme. He shows the skills to catch the ball out of the backfield which gives him the opportunity to stay on the field for all three downs.  Isaiah will gain the tough yardage because he has good lower body strength and gives such a great effort that he makes it hard to tackle for a loss.  His greatest strength is his attitude and his will not to be tackled by one person.  He reminds me a lot of Steve Slaton (RB, Miami Dolphins). 



Isaiah holds the ball out from his body and if he continues to do this at the NFL, he will fumble.  His frame is too small to be a power back, but he runs like he is a power back, which  may lead to injures at the pro level.  He shows excellent north-south speed; unfortunately, make this kid go east-west and he seems to lack all ability to out-run anyone.  Not sure what that is all about.  He lacks vision in the hole and the lateral agility needed to be an elite running back; however, he has some good instincts which does help him to elude tackles.  He has to learn to play smarter and develop other talents rather than trying to run through tackles.  Isaiah is a player who needs to reinvent himself if he wants to be successful at the next level.



The big question for Isaiah is whether or not he will he be a one year wonder like Steve Slaton or will he reinvent his style of running and become an impact specialty player that his size and talents suggest he can become?  I like the kid and he is a hard worker.  Everything you look for in a back Isaiah has, but he doesn't have the frame and bulk to play the pounding style he's played in college.  If he can gain bulk without losing quickness and speed, then Isaiah becomes a player with talents similar to Trent Richardson.  He becomes the type of player who can get you the tough yards, take the  pounding and score from anywhere on the field.  He did that at the college level, but at his size and frame, this will be difficult to do in the NFL.  His lack of frame and bulk is certainly not a reason to pass on Isaiah, but it is a reason to be cautious how early in this draft you select him.  He should be able to share the load and become a weapon for the team that drafts him, but the fear of him wearing down as the season goes on makes Isaiah not a sure bet to carry your running game, just to be one of its weapons.  Nothing wrong with that.  I always wonder why Steve had that one good year and then disappeared?  He is now with the Dolphins, but he has never come close to the production he had in his first year when he was drafted in the third round of the 2008 draft by the Houston Texans and had to carry the load of the running game for the Texans because of injuries.

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12