Janoris Jenkins   CB   North Alabama   


 Round 2


I had no film on Janoris for this year so I went back to his Florida games in 2010 to get a fix on him.  He has excellent athletic talent and is the type of corner that will be able to take the deep ball away from some teams' offensive game plans on game day.  He looks to be very smart on the field and loves a challenge.  Janoris has the quick-twitch reaction skills you look for in a shutdown corner, along with the speed to stay with, and mirror, any size wide receiver on the field.  He does a nice job in zone coverage because he is instinct and solid football intelligence.  He also has the recovery speed to make up for being fooled on double moves.  Janoris has the whole package. Well, maybe not the whole package, but I would say 90% of the package needed to be a top cornerback for the team that drafts him.  



Janoris will struggle with the big receivers on stop routes, curls and crossing routes.  The big receivers can out-muscle him.  They can beat him on quick inside routes, which will be a problem around the goal line.  When he tackles low, he uses great technique; however, when he tackles high, he is sloppy.  Janoris uses solid bump-and-run techniques, but because of his size, will struggle using those same techniques at the NFL level.  He starts off too high and can be thrown off his man because he lacks balance when using those techniques.  He is vertically challenged and does not have those long arms you like to see if a player lacks height.  In his defense, he makes up for most of these concerns with intelligence and I do not see a lack of effort when he plays.  It would be nice to see if he could run back punts on special teams and if he can, that should move him up many teams' boards in spite of his off field issues.  



Janoris is a good, smart player; if there were no off-field issues, he is a 1st round player and maybe a top 15 rated player but, you have to trust this kid with millions of dollars and so far, his past off field history makes you question his ability to handle that kind of responsibility.  This past year, from all the information I can gather, Janoris behaved himself but you have to ask yourself, did he behave himself or just not get caught not behaving himself?  Did he clean up his act just to get drafted and when he receives a big bonus will revert to all his old habits?  If I was to interview Janoris, the first question I would ask him is what he did he do to change his behavior.  I would ask him if he is still best friends with the guys with whom he was arrested and does he still socialize with those players?  What kind of grades did he receive this year at North Alabama? What was his major at Florida and what is it at Alabama?   I don't need to know what happened at Florida -- I would just want to know more about what he has been doing at North Alabama.  I would not ask his coaches what he did because all they are going to do is give me what they think I want to hear.  Actions always speak louder than words and I want to know what actions Janoris took this year, to grow up and take personal control of his life.  If he just walked on the field at North Alabama and played, but did not change who he socializes with or got serious about his school work, I would walk away from drafting this kid and wish him well.  Even if his marks are not that good that would not concern me.  What would concern me is the effort and hopefully the fact that he did not quit on himself off the field.  You can't have people in the locker room and on the field who cannot take responsibility for their personal lives (and their play on the field) when they make mistakes.  You also cannot have players on your team who do not learn from their mistakes and work to overcome them either.  At least that's how I see it.  I wish him well, he has excellent talent but...it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.  

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 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12