Jarrett Boykin   WR   Virginia Tech     


 Round 3


Right now Jarrett is the guy under the guy who is considered under the radar.  Jarrett has good size and speed, but those athletic skills are not what his game is all about.  He can catch the ball in a hurricane and his quickness in and out of his breaks along with his long strides allows him to get separation.  In the slot, he is too quick and fast for safeties and linebackers to cover and, as a wide receiver, he is too big and tough for most cornerbacks to handle.  Jarrett, along with his teammate Danny Coale, might be the best blocking receivers in this draft.  He has the mental toughness to be your go-to guy in any situation.  He is very smart and understands what defenses are trying to do to him.  He is an excellent teammate and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Jarrett can play on the inside or on the outside although he has played mostly in the slot for his college team because there is so much talent at the WR position for that team.  He plays faster than he times, will go and get the ball, make the tough catch knowing he is going to get hit and even with all of his talent size and skills he still might not even be drafted!  This is why I say all the time that you can find good receivers at any point in the draft -- don't reach for one. 



Jarrett did not run well at the combine and looks to be (in most people's minds) not big enough to be a TE and not fast enough to be a WR.  I guess I just see things differently.



I see an excellent offensive football player who I want on my team.  I think he is a wide receiver who is playing out of position, but even if I'm wrong, Jarrett will still become an intricate part of a team's passing offense.  Why, you ask?  Because he runs excellent routes, is smart, can catch the ball, is fearless and is one of the best blocking receivers I have seen since Hines Ward.  The talent at the wide receiver position for his college team (I believe) had a lot to do with Jarrett moving into the slot position.  Jarrett has the make up of a potential #1 wide receiver.  He has the football intelligence to overcome a lack of speed for his position and he has terrific natural strength and quickness to make life difficult for anyone who has to cover him.  When I see a player like Jarrett on the field playing with passion on every play and who has obvious talent I often wonder why anyone would downgrade him and not downgrade the player who is not playing up to his workout numbers!  Jarrett's workout numbers may be marginal, but his play on the field is not.  As I said before, Jarrett is the player sleeping under the player under the radar.  I remember in the 1998 draft screaming at the TV for my favorite team to draft Hines Ward (WR Georgia).  My team decided to pick a tackle by the name of Robert Hicks (OT Mississippi).  I laid on the floor and cried like a baby.  I knew someone would draft Hines in that third round and I was correct.  The Steelers selected Hines Ward with their second pick of the third round.  In fact it was the last pick of the third round.  This is the way I think about Jarrett.  I think he has that "thing" that will make him special on the field -- very much like Shannon Sharpe was for the Broncos and Ravens.  Nobody talks about Jarrett, but he was invited to the combine and that says something.  If I had to project his potential to a player who played in the NFL, I would say Jarrett has the potential to be as good as Shannon Sharpe WR/TE was.  That would be pretty good and certainly worthy of being selected in the third round.  By the way, Shannon was selected in the 7th round of the 1990 draft by the Denver Broncos.  Maybe Jarrett will be drafted at that point in this draft also!    


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