Jayron Hosley   CB   Virginia Tech    


 Round 4


Jayron is an excellent zone corner with the athletic talent and skills to become an excellent cover corner in single coverage.  He is quick and fast and will be an asset on special teams returning punts.  Jayron is a very confident and smart player and he loves to play zone coverage because he is so quick he can bait QB's into throwing interceptions.  His quick feet and ability to explode to the ball make him very dangerous to throw against in short yardage situations.  Jayron does a good job communicating with his teammates and you can tell when he makes an impact play he likes the attention and looks to make another play.  If Jayron wants to be a star at the next level, he has all the physical tools to accomplish that.  He just has to want it badly enough.  Jayron has excellent make-up speed and, in the NFL, I have a feeling he is going to need it!.



Jayron lacks the mental toughness right now to be the elite type of cornerback that his size, speed and quickness suggest he should become.  He needs to bulk up without losing his speed and quickness and needs to gain strength as well.  He is a terrible tackler.  He doesn't wrap up and just throws himself at his opponent. Jayron wants no part of supporting the run and gives a half hearted effort.  He is a smart kid, but even when it comes to obvious running downs, Jayron does not attack, get into the backfield to make a play or try to turn the play in for others to make a play.  He has man coverage skills, but his lack of mental toughness, bulk and coverage technique leads me to believe he will struggle until he improves in all of these areas.



Jayron is a better cornerback in his own mind than he is in reality.  You can't teach mental toughness, but what you can do (as a coach) is accept that a player might not be tough and teach him techniques that will help that player to mitigate that risk on the field.  Jayron doesn't have to be a great tackler, but he does have to react quicker and faster to support the run.  He must get up the field and turn the play in so others can make a tackle.  His lack of man coverage and bump-and-run techniques are not unusual for a college corner coming out; however,  as a zone corner, he has to wrap up and make the sure tackle.  His quick burst to the play in zone coverage will be taken advantage of at the next level with better QB's and receivers.  Unfortunately, Jayron is bound to lose his confidence if he doesn't learn to be patient and make the sure tackle.  On punt returns, he holds the ball out and, in the NFL, he will fumble and that will be the end of him returning punts and another shot to his confidence.  The keys for Jayron to becoming a good NFL player will be confidence and mental toughness.  I know you can say that about a lot of players coming out, but these two issues are magnified in Jayron's case because of his pure athletic talent and the fact he is fooled into thinking that's all he needs to be successful at the next level.  Sometimes talent can be a curse and can fool you into thinking you are better than you are.  It can hide the true problems a player has that will be magnified at the next level.  Workout numbers will get Jayron selected early in this draft, but I see a roller coaster ride for him until he accepts coaching, gains confidence and somehow grows in mental toughness. 



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 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12