Jeff Allen   OT/OG   Illinois       


 Round 4


Jeff is a versatile lineman for the team that drafts him.  He has the size and athletic abilities to play tackle or guard, but his impact position should be as a left guard with the ability to play right tackle.  He is a very smart player and shows decent quickness for either position.  He shows the leadership skills of a center and I would work him out at that position as well to see if there is some development talent for that position.  Jeff has good lateral agility to play the right tackle position for the next level and excellent lateral agility to play left guard or center.  He played both right and left tackle for his college team moving from one side of the line to the other from play to play in the middle of a game.  Not from offensive set to offensive set -- from one play to the next play.  He plays both positions with good pass blocking techniques.  He has the respect of his coaches and from his teammates, and as soon as he finds the right position at the NFL level, he should be a core player for the team that drafts him.



Jeff is out of football shape.  I saw him against UCLA and he looked pregnant.  I expected his water to break any minute.  He had to be between 330 to 350 lbs.  When he went to the combine, he weighed in at 307 lbs.  (I guess he had the baby!)  Trying to find him on the field from one play to the next is like trying to find Waldo.  He is not very strong at all and uses his 340 lbs to lay on players when run blocking so I suspect run blocking at the next level without the weight will be difficult for him.  I have to question Jeff's off field work ethic, but not his athletic talent.  It's obvious to me his weight is a big issue and how he lost it so quickly is even more of an issue.  Add to that a lack of strength at 340 lbs and I think you can see my concerns.  He lacks the physical stamina to play any position with the same strength and techniques for a full game.  Nevertheless, his value as a potential multi-position player is very intriguing. 



Lots of question marks with Jeff, but not about his athletic talent, football intelligence or his ability to play more than one offensive line position at some point in the future.  His work habits?  Now, that's another question.  He takes short cuts off the field and on the field.  That suggests he could be lazy, which can be a big problem at the next level.  I like this kid's talent and I think his college coaches have done him harm moving him from one side of the line to the next depending on down and distance.  To me, that is bad coaching as it doesn't hold players accountable for their positions or enable them to perform to your standards.  You have 4 players not playing as hard as one player.  Flipping Jeff one side to the other depending on down and distance lets everyone in the stadium know what play is coming.  That means your whole offense and offensive line is at a disadvantage before the snap of the ball!  Tell me this, how do you correct the techniques of a player who is playing more than one position on the line and has to learn to use different techniques from one play to the next?  Seriously!  I can't blame Jeff for a lack of consistency, but I can question his weight gain as well as his loss or lack of football strength and stamina.  I hope this kid finds a good team to play with and gets some good coaching because he has excellent talent and might be a hell of a center someday...or left guard...or right tackle!

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12