Joe Adams   WR/ST   Arkansas       


 Round 4


Joe is your typical slot receiver/special teams player who has good speed, strong hands and solid receiving skills.  What makes Joe stand out from others in this receiving class is that Joe is fearless, Joe is smart and Joe knows how to protect himself when making the tough catches over the middle.  He has good speed and finds a way to make impact plays during a game when everything around him might not be going so well.  He has strong mental stamina and gives good effort on every play.  Joe wants to be the man; even if the ball is not coming to him during a game to make plays, he does not shut down.  He continues to work hard during the game to help his offense.  Joe has the unique ability to understand that the game is four quarters and not just one play or one quarter.  He understands that waiting and being patient will allow him to make a play and impact the game at some point and he is willing to wait. 



Joe does not have that elite quickness that you would like to see in a breakaway slot receiver.  His lateral agility is not quick and, for his size, he is a bit of a long strider which affects his ability to cut quickly.  He has to learn to change speeds and run his routes much better than he does right now.  If he does, he might be able to be used as a wide receiver and stay on the field more.  When he returns punts and kicks, he tries to do too much at times which may cause problems at the next level.  He has to stay north and south on his returns as he does not have the quickness to go sideline to sideline.  Joe is the type of slot receiver that has to be matched up and used correctly in an offense or his impact will be less than his talents suggest.  Teams will have to use him in the slot and put him in motion to get him off the line and keep teams from being physical with him. 



In spite of the fact that Joe does not have elite speed or quickness, he understands how to play and become effective during a game.  He is smart and will become a QB's best friend on third down in the middle of the field.  He has that knack of getting open and if he is paired up with a QB who has the same street smarts Joe has, they should be able to do a lot of damage to a defense.  He can get deep if a team takes him for granted and tries to sneak a linebacker to cover him or an in-the-box safety with bad cover skills.  Joe is the type of player you can't use much inside the red zone.  However, from 30 yards out, he can get free on play action and score a touchdown easy.  In an offense with a good running game that uses play action, Joe can become a weapon.  He is smart and makes good decisions when returning punts and will be able to flip the field and break a few tackles in the open field.  Joe can become a core player for your special teams and the type of player on offense that is one healthy pain in the buttocks for defensive coordinators. 

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12