John Brantley   QB   Florida


 Round 2


There is a sleeper quarterback in this draft who will be a better NFL quarterback than he was a college quarterback.  Folks, meet John Brantley.  He has nice size and a very good arm, but his true strength is his accuracy and timing in the passing game.  It is natural.  John shows the potential to be a strong leader through his play on the field.  He has a good feel for the pocket and is quick to indentify where the pressure is coming from to help out the offensive line when pass blocking.  John is a pure NFL drop-back, pocket passing quarterback who has been stuck in a college offense.  He has the athletic talent to play in just about any offensive system at the pro level.  John is very coachable and looks to have the respect of his coaches and players around him.  He can make the franchise throw when needed and reminds me a lot of Eli Manning (QB Giants).  He has that same style of quiet leadership qualities and athletic talent that all of a sudden, in the middle of a game, shows itself when everyone from the media to the players and the coaches and fans least expect it. 



John was stuck behind Tim Tebow and did not get to play very much.  When he did play, he ran a college offense that did not show his true skills. Later, when he got a chance to compete, John had some injuries and struggled. He also does not possess that take charge attitude that you like to see in a quarterback, but he does have leadership skills.  What is amazing is how far along he is in reading defenses, throwing on time with accuracy and running the plays without playing that many games at the college level!  



John reminds me so much of Eli Manning that it's scary.  From his athletic talent to his style of leading and even, at times, the way he throws the ball.  He can make all the throws and his accuracy when throwing the ball is potential franchise quarterback accuracy. John just does not have enough games under his belt to put him into the first round.  He does need some seasoning and time to give all of his hidden talents the ability to hatch all at once, but make no mistake about it.  I'm telling you that this kid has the "it" to be a starting franchise quarterback in the NFL.  If John  gets on the field and stays healthy, he is the type of player that will never come off.  Right now, he is competing all on natural talent and raw instincts and, when healthy, does a pretty good job.  In a couple of years with some good coaching and pro system this kid will flourish. 


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 Drew Boylhart   DEC /11