Jonathan Martin   OG/RT   Stanford


 Round 1


Jonathan might be one of the most technically sound offensive linemen I have seen in a long time coming out of college.  He is smart, consistent and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  He has good feet and has the lower and upper body strength needed to excel at the next level.  Jonathan is the type of offensive lineman that, once he gets his hands on his opponent, it's all she wrote.  He is an excellent run blocker and can get to the next level to block linebackers easily.  Jonathan is rarely on the ground.  That means he has great balance and body control, which shows his strength.  He uses his hands when pass blocking like an NFL lineman right now and has the ability to learn from his mistakes during a game.  Jonathan's main attribute is his ability to frustrate his opponent and make his opponent adjust his style of play during a game. Jonathan has great mental stamina and will be part of your offensive line for a good ten years or more.  Mentally, Jonathan is far ahead of the talent and competition he encountered in college. I expect Jonathan will be one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL right after you draft him.  What I don't expect is for Jonathan to be playing the Left tackle position at the NFL level unless you use the same offensive system the Stanford team used. 



Jonathan just doesn't have the lateral agility to be an NFL Left tackle.  He has everything else, but lacks that important skill.  In the offense he played in college, he was covered up with tight ends in difficult passing situations or the offensive game plan used a rolling pocket to the right side to protect Luck.  Jonathan has never gone up against the type of pass rusher he is going to see at the NFL level.  Jonathan was also never left on an island to go one-on-one against a pass rusher without help from a back or a tight end.  In the NFL, he will not get that help all the time or, for that matter, even half the time.  He is also in tight splits and in a spread offense the splits are wider and lateral agility has to be a priority when looking for a left tackle. Make no mistake about it, Jonathan is an excellent offensive lineman; he is just not a Left Tackle for the next level.



Jonathan Martin is a Pro Bowl left GUARD for the NFL team that drafts him.  I would draft a potential Pro Bowl Left Guard, Left Tackle or Center in the first round and Jonathan is certainly worthy of being considered a 1st round talent.  He is smart, a leader, consistent and strong.  He has good feet and hands and overall is an excellent football player who I would love to add to my team.  You just have to decide at what point in this draft you would draft him.  Some are suggesting he is a left tackle and should be a top ten pick.  Fine...draft him that high, play him at the Left Tackle position and see if I'm wrong.  I think it's a big mistake.  Jonathan will do the best he can, but you better play a lot of two tight end formations in passing situations and don't expect those tight ends to have much impact in the passing game.  Jonathan will be an impact left guard right away for the team that drafts him -- it's just that simple.  If Jonathan works out and has better lateral agility than what I see on film, then by all means, you should draft the kid as high as you want and expect him to be your left tackle of the future.  However, if what I see on film is all he has lateral agility wise, then Jonathan is a left guard.  All I can tell you is what I see on film and I would draft Jonathan with the expectation of him being my next Pro Bowl left guard. 

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