Josh Norman   CB/S   Coastal Carolina       


 Round 2


Josh has the potential to be a big time NFL defensive back and it will not take long in spite of the small school where he played college ball.  He has excellent hands to catch the ball for interceptions like a wide receiver.  Josh shows the instincts, quickness and burst to the ball of a big time strong safety.  He also shows the cover skills to play as an excellent zone corner and will shut down your big tall receivers one-on-one in the red zone.  Josh is big with long arms and the willingness to mix it up with just about anyone on the field.  He is smart and shows strong football intelligence and leadership skills through his play on the field.  He wants to be the man, make the big play, and help turn the game around for his team but he doesn't strike me as a "me" player.  You're looking at a big, tall, long armed, fast, quick-twitch football defensive back who loves to tackle and is smart.  Just because he plays for a small college should not automatically mean he should not be rated high in this draft.



The key will be how quickly Josh can acclimate himself to playing against quarterbacks of the talent he has never seen or played against in his football career.  The other question is whether or not Josh will be better at safety or is he smart enough to learn multiple positions in different defenses to stay on the field in all situations?  I think he will adjust quickly to the talent level and learn faster than most think he will.  He does need to get bigger and stronger, but a good strength and conditioning program should bring him up to speed quickly.



The first time I saw Josh was in the East/West Shrine game and the talent just oozed out of every pour of this kid's body.  He has very quick feet, which compensates for a lack of pure speed in coverage.  Add into the mix his long arms and you have a corner that has the reach most other corners do not and can make up for a lack of top speed.  He is an excellent tackler and running a sweep to his side is a big mistake because Josh is quick to recognize it and will burst into the backfield faster than any other cornerback in this draft to blow it up.  Josh loves to make plays in the open field.  He is a playmaker and he will make impact plays with a tackle or an interception.  I suspect he will make a ton of impact tackles on your special teams cover units and can return kick and punts for you as well.  I just think he is the type of player you draft and worry about where he plays later.  Once he gets on the field, his talent and passion will answer the question of what position he should play.  I think Josh's impact position will be as a safety, but make no mistake about it:  he will impact and quicker than most think.   

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 Drew Boylhart  March/12