Josh Robinson   CB   Central Florida      


 Round 1


Josh Robinson is your quintessential sleeper cornerback in this draft.  He has good size, terrific speed and his combine numbers show that he is at the top of this class athletically.  He is smart and uses good techniques in the context of his team's defensive system.  Josh has the ability to be left on an island because of his athletic ability, intelligence and mental stamina.  He is a sure tackler and is aggressive and smart when coming up to support the run to his side of the field.  Josh has good hands to intercept the ball and the speed and quickness to return it for yardage.  When he makes a mistake in coverage, he has the ability and confidence to turn the page and move on.  Josh learns from his mistakes on the field and does not repeat them.  I can also see by his play on the field that he uses film study to analyze the player he is up against, and will adjust his techniques as the game progresses.  Josh can also play on special teams and return punts because he has good size to go along with his speed and should impact right away for the team that drafts him if used this way.  He understands that for him to be successful in the NFL that it takes more than talent.  He is the type of player who frustrates his opponent because once he sets the way he is going to play an opponent, no matter how many times a teams throws at him, he will not deviate from his plan.  That's why I call him Professor Josh Robinson. 



Josh is smart and does not let many receivers get by him deep.  He plays in a lot of match-up zone situations and bails out of the line just before the snap to eliminate the deep passes.  In third and long situations, Josh will line up tight and take his man one-on-one, but that's only in third and long situations.  Basically he plays for a well coached defense, which may mean that most people will overlook his individual talent.  Josh has excellent quickness and speed, but I'm not sure he has that extra make-up gear once he is challenged deep.   



To do this profile I had to go back into the Huddle Report Film Library because I remember last year watching the Liberty Bowl when UCF was playing against Georgia and making note of a cornerback who frustrated AJ Green all game long.  I remember originally watching the game to do profiles on Georgia's guard and UCF's DE and, in the process, I made a note that a CB #20, was frustrating AJ Green and making the Georgia QB Aaron Murray go to other receivers, which was upsetting the Georgia offense.  I also remember thinking what a well coached defense this UCF team had.  All the DB's were well coached, but the player I could not stop watching was #20 and how he was frustrating Green.  In that game, AJ Green had a total of 8 catches for 77 yards, no touchdowns and caught one pass for a first down.  Georgia lost that game and the score was 10 to 6.  This was a team effort as much as an excellent game plan, but Robinson was the main cog in carrying out this game plan.  AJ Green never got deep and in most cases, once he caught the ball, was tackled right away by Josh and his teammates.  Green got so frustrated that he would walk out of the huddle and go to the opposite side of the field that Josh was on to match up against another DB.  That worked a few times but most of the game Josh had Green one-on-one with no help deep.  Josh let him catch the ball underneath but did not let AJ get deep.  At that point in the season, AJ Green's average was 15 yard per catch.  In this game he was held to 9 yards per catch.  Josh knew that letting AJ Green get deep was a big mistake and refuse to allow it all game long.  Josh limited this dangerous receiver from two things all game long, scoring touchdowns and getting first downs.  This type of thinking, along with Josh's athletic ability and sure tackling will serve him well at the next level and in my book makes Josh a top 20 pick in this draft.  But as we all know, that doesn't mean he will be drafted in the first round it just means that no matter what round your team drafts Josh, they should be able to put him on the field right away and he should become an impact cornerback, core player and fan favorite for the team that drafts him.  The Professor... hmmmm, I wonder if he a girlfriend named Mary Ann?


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