Kelechi Osemele   OT/OG   Iowa St     


 Round 1


Kelechi is an offensive tackle who can play either one of the tackle or guard positions.  His impact position is as a right or left tackle.  He shows good feet, is a smart player and learns from his mistakes as the game goes on.  He plays with pride and steps up to any challenge thrown at him.  He has those long arms that you do not waste playing at the guard position and shows good balance when pass blocking.  Kelechi shows better techniques pass blocking than he does run blocking right now.  He is a naturally strong player and works well with his other linemen.  Kelechi's body type is a perfect fit for what most teams envision being an NFL offensive tackle.  He shows solid lateral agility and uses his hands very well.  The fact that he has such long arms means most speed pass rushers will struggle to get around him and his bulk and strength will give most power rushers problems as well.  Kelechi has the athletic talent, work ethic and football intelligence to be an outstanding offensive tackle for the team that drafts him.



Kelechi might have to be moved over to the right side to be effective if your team does not run a play action, vertical offensive system.  He has decent lateral agility, but until he learns better techniques, he will struggle as a left tackle.  He can play guard but I'm not convinced he is quick enough out of his stance to be really effective; because of his size, this might always be a problem.  His run blocking techniques are suspect at this point. He is not quick out of his stance and he lunges and loses balance when firing out.  Once again, he can learn but he will never be as effective as a guard as he can be as a tackle.  His pass blocking techniques are not refined right now.  He breaks down easily, bends at the waist and loses the ability to keep his feet moving to stay with his man.  In his defense, when he keeps his techniques and does not break down, he is as good as any tackle in this draft.  He needs to work on being more consistent, gain confidence in his techniques and more repetitions playing the correct position for him to impact.  That's no more than any other player coming out in this draft. 



They tried Kelechi at the guard position at the Senior Bowl because the coaches wanted to see if he could adjust.  They also wanted to see if he could play with a little more aggression.  There was no real pass rushers at that game to challenge Kelechi so I suspect the coaches must have wanted to see what this kid could bring to the middle of the line.  To me, there is no question about his position for the next level.  Kelechi is an offensive tackle -- that's his impact position for the next level.  Playing him inside will magnify his lack of quickness, which will not be good for Kelechi.  As I said, Kelechi might be more of a right tackle, but I think in certain offensive systems he could be an excellent left tackle.  On top of all that, Kelechi will play any position you ask him to, give you his best effort all the time and will display maturity and football intelligence on the field.  If you draft Kelechi, you have a player who will impact at the next level and become a core player for your offensive line.  

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 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12