Kevin Zeitler   OG   Wisconsin    


 Round 2


Kevin has good size and quickness to play his position at a high level for the team that drafts him.  He does a good job working with his teammates and is a smart kid that doesn't get a lot of penalties called against him.  I know this will surprise most people, but right now, Kevin is a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker.  Most of that is due to technique and not a lack of effort.  Kevin has excellent quickness and once he latches onto a player, he has the lateral agility and strength to stay with that player until the pass is away.  Kevin plays with pride and is very consistent.  He is a strong player and with better techniques and more practice, Kevin should be your starting right guard for the next ten years.



Kevin struggles when run blocking because he hesitates when he goes to fire out.  He also brings his hands up before he fires out, which causes him to be up too high and to lose his leverage when run blocking.  He is clumsy when he pulls and although he is quick out of his stance and has decent lateral agility, his foot speed is very poor.  He struggles to go out to the second level to block and, when he gets out there to make a block, he is off balance and too high.  He also struggles to change direction and quicker LB's at the next level will slip and shed him easily because he is so off balance and so easily loses leverage.  For the run game, he is more of a straight ahead type of blocker.  If you are expecting Kevin to do any pulling or going out to the next level, you will have to wait until he gets better coaching or is in a system that does not require a guard to do those things.  Like I said before, right now Kevin is a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker but I have no doubt he will improve.



Some of you are reading this and saying, "This guy is nuts!"  Everyone knows that Wisconsin offensive linemen are great run blocking linemen.  All I can tell you is I look at the film, I do not pay attention to what everyone else says.  When I watch Kevin play on film, I see a better pass blocker than a run blocker.  Maybe looking at film is the wrong way to evaluate talent for the draft.  Maybe I should just listen to everyone else and repeat what they say about a player and be on my way.  But then, how could I be the Draft BS Detector?  I'm not saying Kevin is not going to be a good run blocking guard, I'm just telling you what I see on the film is what I see on the film.  The good thing about being a better pass blocker is that Kevin could be used as a left guard, which makes him more valuable than a player who can only play one interior line position.  I would draft Kevin before I would draft the kid from Stanford that everyone is so in love with. Why would I do that you ask?  It's simple, Kevin has more upside and has the athletic ability to play more than one position on the line.  But that's just me out here, looking at film for my profiles like the fool that I am. 

 The BS Detector 

 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12