Kirk Cousins   QB   Michigan St


 Round 4


Kirk has decent size and excellent throwing technique.  He has a strong arm and can throw the ball with great accuracy and velocity.  He can make all the throws need to be an NFL QB and is a very polished-looking QB.  He is a pure drop-back QB that NFL coaches love.  He is very coachable; he'll make throws and work plays exactly how they are worked up in meetings and game plans. If you put a DVD together on the techniques of how the quarterback position should be played, Kirk would be the example.  He hands off the ball correctly.  His fakes are stellar in the running game and in play action.  His feet are in the correct position to make any throw and his throwing motion is picture perfect. When he throws, the ball comes out without a flutter.  Kirk is a coach's dream because he will listen and do everything a coach wants him to do -- no matter what is happening around him.



Kirk struggles to stay picture perfect when throwing the ball under pressure.  He struggles to make decisions under adverse conditions, particularly when the play breaks down.  He can throw on the run, but only when the play is scripted for him to throw on the run.  He does not read defense very well and his accuracy goes all to hell when the pass rush gets to him.  That being said, the kid really looks like the real deal and in some tough games, he has come through and made some very good plays.



I see a quarterback that can't, or is afraid to, think for himself.  His team makes him better, he does not make his team better.  That is the difference in a solid quarterback and an excellent quarterback.  Give Kirk an excellent offensive coordinator and great talent around him and you have a very good quarterback.  The problem is that Kirk struggles with the different blitz packages due to his inability to identify those packages and change plays to block those blitz packages.  To be successful, Kirk must have everyone on every play execute their assignments perfectly.  In my opinion, Kirk lacks the mental strength and quick decision making ability to be more than a back-up quarterback in the NFL.  He can play four games and win two for you if your starting QB is out for four games.  I just don't feel he can carry a team through a sixteen game schedule with the thought process that everyone around him must play perfect.  When we get to the workouts, I suspect Kirk will move up on a lot of teams' boards because he looks perfect; however, for me, I think looking perfect is a flaw in itself because there is no such thing as perfect. 



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 Drew Boylhart   DEC /11