Levy Adcock   OL   Oklahoma St


 Round 2


Levy has the size, strength and technique to be an excellent offensive lineman for the team that drafts him. He plays left tackle for his college team and has done a great job protecting the blind side of his QB.  Levy is solid when blocking for the run.  His technique when pass blocking is consistent and he protects his QB from the inside pass rush better than most college left tackles.  He stays on balance and has enough athleticism to recover when he gets beat outside.  He has the athleticism to go to the second level and block linebackers.  Levy can get out in front to block for screen plays as well.  He has good enough feet to be used in a zone blocking scheme and, in certain offensive systems such as a play action vertical game, could be used as a left tackle for the team that drafts him. 



Levy has the body type that fits playing a guard position more than a tackle position.  Levy lacks the true lateral agility to mirror and stay with the speed rushers; however, he makes up for it with technique and football intelligence.  He has to lose weight, gain more strength and get into better overall shape if he wants to play tackle in the NFL.  If he wants to play guard, he has to get quicker and become a better run blocker.  Right now Levy's football intelligence is covering up for his being out of shape.  That will not work at the next level.



Levy should be able to be a very good right tackle and a solid left guard; however, if he wants to make the big money in the NFL, then he has to get into better shape -- it's just that simple.  He has solid athletic skills and carrying less weight should make him quicker.  Additionally, with better upper body strength, he should be a better run blocker. Levy understands how a QB is suppose to move in the pocket and knows that if he protects against the inside rush on every passing play, his QB can step up in the pocket and have enough time to make a throw down the field.  Even when Levy gets a hard, upfield pass rush against him and looks like he is about to get beat, he keeps his angle and inside leverage so that the pass rusher cannot beat him to the inside for an easy sack when his QB moves up into the pocket. Levy has the ability to play multiple positions on the line of scrimmage for the team that drafts him if he understands that getting in better shape is a priority.  Otherwise, chronic injuries will derail his career in the NFL, which would be a shame.  He looks like he could be a core player for the team that drafts him.  

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 Drew Boylhart   DEC /11