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Marvin has the size, speed and overall wide receiver skills to be very successful at the NFL level.  He has good hands and is very smart.  He has nice run after the catch ability and is very dangerous against zone coverage, gaining the needed yards to move the chains.  He has good enough speed to get deep and excellent hands to catch the long ball.  Marvin looks to be very coachable.  He will adjust to the ball in the air and fight for it.  He is very smart and understands he is only as good as his quarterback; therefore, he works with his QB during the game so both of them can be successful.  He runs consistent routes and shows good vision after he catches the ball to gain yardage.  You can count on Marvin to be in the right spot at the right time to make an impact play during a game.  You can count on Marvin to play his best on every play.  You can count on Marvin to get better than his is right now and to improve every year.  And, you can count on Marvin to show up every year of his contract.  That's why I call him Marvin (The Count) Jones.



Marvin is not a quick cutting type of receiver.  He is at the college leve,l but until he learns the nuances of running routes against single coverage, he will just be an excellent zone receiver.  He has good vision when he runs and is smart to make his cuts early and power through tackles; however, at the next level, he will have to get stronger in his lower body to continue to be a good run after the catch receiver.  He reminds me a lot of Torry Holt (WR, Rams) -- same body type and speed, but lacked the quick lateral agility.  In spite of that, Tory was a hell of a receiver for a very long time in the NFL and I believe Marvin has that potential as well.



Marvin understands that he still has a lot to learn and you can see he is eager to learn it.  His zone receiving skills are excellent.  He is a very good RAC receiver and will gain the needed yardage, but against single coverage, he will struggle until he gets better.  Marvin can turn himself into a #1 wide receiver if he wants it bad enough.  He will make the tough catch to move the chains.  He has the speed to get deep and the hands to catch the long ball.  He looks to be a good teammate and he handles the attention very well; in fact, he likes the attention.  When I see Marvin play, I see the passion and effort he plays with on every play.  I know it's just a matter of time before this kid makes a name for himself at the next level.  You can Count on it!

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12