Marvin McNutt   WR   Iowa


 Round 3


Marvin has the size and hands to be an excellent wide receiver for the team that drafts him.  He is a smart player and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  He has solid speed and is the type of receiver that keeps the chains moving.  Marvin will get you some run after the catch yardage and will fight for the ball in the air.  He is the type of receiver your quarterback and offensive coordinator will fall in love with because of his dependability and ability to read defenses like a quarterback on the run.  Marvin is the type of wide receiver that needs to be compatible with his quarterback to impact.  They must think alike.  He reminds me a lot of Hines Ward (Pittsburgh Steelers) because of his ability to block and his intelligence to get the most out of his talent.  



Right now, Marvin is a much better zone receiver than he is a man-to-man style of receiver.  I think the reason for this is that Marvin thinks too much when running his routes against man-to-man coverage, which slows him down and he lacks the quickness to recover.  He struggles to get separation and is bothered by a CB with strong bump and run techniques.  Marvin can get deep, but he will have to learn to run better routes and will need double move routes to impact.  He needs to bulk up, get stronger and learn to run better routes; however, there is a lot of talent to work with and Marvin just needs a little time to adjust.



Marvin is the type of receiver that can become a core player for his team and a fan favorite.  If he gets stronger and continues to improve in all aspects of his game, he could become a #1 WR just like Hines Ward has been for years. I really like Marvin, and if I was the GM for a team I would draft him without hesitation.  I believe he's a quality player who will work hard to get better and become a leader for your team in the locker room and on the field. He is not a flashy player, but he is a good one.  Draft him and don't worry he will impact -- just give him some time to work it all out. The BS Detector 

 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12