Matt Kalil   OT   USC


 Round 1


Matt is a big, strong, athletic player who takes great pride in playing his position.  He has those long arms that all the scouts are looking for in a left tackle to be an excellent pass blocker.  Matt plays with strength and has the athleticism to make any block in any scheme required of a franchise left tackle.  He is quick enough to get out in front for screen plays and combo block and go out to the second level to block a linebacker.  Matt is also tough, strong and technique savvy enough to handle the bull rush.  He is athletic enough to be used in a pulling system although most NFL teams do not have their tackles pulling.  Matt can also play more than one position on the offensive line.  He can play guard because he is an excellent run blocker and is quick out of his stance.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Matt has the potential to be a franchise left tackle for the team that drafts him.   



Matt seems to start out slow and play to his competition.  This is very bad for a left tackle.  He might need a few years in the league before he mentally takes on the responsibility of the left tackle position because early in his career, he could get your franchise QB killed with this attitude.  He also struggles against speed rushers because his lateral agility is not where you would like it to be for a left tackle.  In his defense, most of it is technique and he has those long arms to compensate along with good feet to recover when he gets beat.



There may be some hinky issues with Matt as far a being a left tackle, but that can be said about most left tackles coming out of college.  The problem for me are the questions I have about his lack of EQUAL consistency and effort on every play during a game.  Left tackles have to understand that when a play goes to the other side of the formation, their blocking assignment on that play may be setting up the blocking assignment for the next play.  Matt has to understand that not every play is going to work, but in the context of the game plan, it is still important to the overall success of the offensive game plan.  Just like a QB and center have to understand that also. Matt lacks the full mental aspect of his position and compensate for this with excellent athletic abilities right now because he is playing with a very talented QB who is taking that mental pressure off him. Matt would be a perfect fit for a play action/vertical passing offensive system because he likes to run block more than he likes to pass block. Eventually, if he continues to improve mentally, he has the athletic talents to play in any style of offense, which makes him a potential franchise left tackle.  The more pressure you put on this kid, the more he steps up to the challenge and that is a good thing.  I like his potential and toughness and I think with some good interviews and a look at his school work that I would select Matt in the top ten of this draft but if his school work suggest a lack of work ethic than I would have to rethink that. That's how I look at players when I profile.  I find out as much as I can from film first and then see if other information I've gathered matches what I see on film.  Not the other way around.  Right now I have to say personally with the information I see I would take a chance in drafting and listing Matt as a top ten pick. 



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 Drew Boylhart   Nov/11