Melvin Ingram   DE/LB   South Carolina


 Round 2


Melvin is a multi-talented athletic player who could play at a very high level in more than one position for the team that drafts him.  He shows on film to have excellent explosion off the line to rush the passer.  He also has the size and strength to be an effective run stopper in a 1-gap or 2-gap defense.  He could be used as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense or as a OLB/DE in a 3-4 defense.  He has those longs arms and legs that make it easy to get offensive linemen off balance and is smart enough to understand how to set up his opponent to make a sack late in the game. There is not much this kid can't do on the field.  He uses his hands very well and, when motivated, will not stop until he gets to the ball and makes a play.  He can play on special team units because of his unusual speed for his size and is an excellent tackler.  Melvin COULD be a big time star for the team that drafts him in the NFL; fortunately or unfortunately for Melvin, but the key word is could!



With all of this talent, you would think that Melvin would have shown up to play before his Senior season!  I'm not sure how self motivated and mature Melvin is at this point of his career.  He should have started for his college team in his freshman year as his talent was never developmental -- his intangibles are.



If you draft Melvin in the first round, you will have to wait and see how all that money will affect him.  I can tell you this, Melvin has top ten talent, but his intangibles are on life support.  Is he a contract player?  He had a foot injury this year, but did play well at the end of the year.  What about the years before this?  There was no one on that team in front of him when he was a freshman, sophomore or junior  that had more talent than he did.  So, what happened?  I'll tell you what happened:  Melvin showed up just in time for the draft.  All I can tell you is I hope his maturity issues and lack of work ethic are in the past because this kid has DeMarcus Ware-like (OLB/DE Dallas Cowboys) talent. I'm sure he will move up the boards after he works out, but remember, "It takes more than talent to play in the NFL".  

 The BS Detector 

 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12