Michael Floyd   WR   Notre Dame


 Round 2


Michael is a big, strong, well muscled wide receiver with good hands.  He can break tackles in the open field and shows excellent body control when he goes up to catch a ball between defenders. He has the speed to get deep and possesses all the qualities you look for in a possible #1 wide receiver for your offense.  He does a decent job blocking and shows the strong hands to snatch the ball out of thin air and make a great play.  Michael is a smart kid and athletically, there is nothing he can't do on a football field.  He reminds me a lot of Robert Meachem (WR NO Saints).  Not as fast, but same type of talent with some of the same problems Robert has -- the problems that never allowed Robert to develop into a #1 WR. 



Michael played this year like he didn't want  to get hurt.  He has not improved and plays with less passion than when I first saw him as a freshman.  He had some off field problems and I think maybe Michael doesn't want the pressure of being a #1 WR that his talents suggests he could be.  He shies away from contact unless he is giving it out.  He does not like to go up for balls if he thinks a safety is going to hit him in the air.  He is inconsistent, drops passes and, in general, is not self motivated unless he is challenged by coaches players or gets embarrassed during a game.  He plays to the competition.  In short, I'm not sure what he will do with the money once he is signed -- he might only show up for his contract years.  That's what I see in his play on the field.



The first time I saw this kid play I said, "Man, I can't wait until he comes out!"  He just sent chills down my spine.  The passion to be the first player to the ball was outstanding.  When he went up in the air, he showed the attitude that told opponents that the ball was his and no one else on field was catching it.  I'm not sure why he lost that passion, but he did and it's a real shame.  Calvin Johnson (WR Detroit Lions) is just now starting to get that attitude and all the great #1 wide receivers have to have that attitude.  Without it, they are just good wide receivers and you can get a good wide receiver in any round in the draft.  I guess all you can do is draft Michael and hope you can "coach him up"; unfortunately, I just don't see that happening.  Michael should be a good wide receiver for the team that drafts him, but I'm not convinced he will ever be the kind of wide receiver that QB's fall in love with and depend on at crucial times of a game.  Like I said, he reminds me of Robert Meachem who is a good wide receiver, but definitely not the #1 wide receiver so many of us thought he would be. 

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12