Miles Burris   LB   San Diego St      


 Round 3


Miles could be the sleeper linebacker pick in this draft.  He is very fast and very quick and is the only linebacker in this draft that DEFEATS the block at the point of attack.  He is instinctive and can play any linebacker position in any style defense and impact.  He is the quickest linebacker at shedding a block before the play gets to him and making the tackle.  He is instinctive, smart and makes plays all over the field.  Miles is a head up, wrap-up, squeeze and drive tackler and he plays faster than he times.  He has an excellent burst to the ball and change of direction skills.  For his college team, Miles plays on the line of scrimmage as a stand up OLB.  He was used as an attacking type of linebacker who gets into the backfield quickly, disrupts and makes a tackle or sacks the QB.  He will also run down players from behind with his speed and quickness.  Miles looks to have excellent overall athletic talent and should be able to drop and cover with ease if used as a conventional linebacker.  He is excellent at the point of attack because of his strength, quickness and ability to anticipate and force the ball carrier to where he can make a play.  He will be a core player and a fan favorite; he has the potential to be a Pro Bowl linebacker in the future. 



Miles doesn't look like he communicates much with his teammates; he just reacts and plays.  He can be used at any linebacker position, but I believe it might take him some time to learn.  That's not to say he is not smart, it just means right now he does everything on athletic ability and that will have to change at the next level.  Miles guesses a lot and can get caught moving the wrong way and being fooled.  When this happens, he will start to second guess himself, disappear in games and lose his confidence.  He has to do more film work.  When he waits, sees the play and then reacts, he is as good as any linebacker in this draft.  I have seen him off the line as an inside LB on occasion and he is a natural run stopper.



Miles reminds me a lot of Koa Misi (LB, Miami Dolphins).  You can see the THR archive profiles for my evaluation of Koa.  I believe Miles' impact position for the next level will be as a middle linebacker in a 4-3 defense.  When I saw him play off the line in a true linebacker position, I was surprised how easy he took to understanding angles and moving forward, meeting blocks, shedding them with ease, and making tackles.  He is smart and very natural; he doesn't move laterally down the line and string out plays to then make a tackle after his opponent passes the line of scrimmage.  He takes the correct angle naturally.  You can see him stalking and moving forward, but not forcing the block.  You see him shed the block before the RB gets into the hole and then making a tackle.  He is a natural inside linebacker who might like to play on the outside to attack the line of scrimmage, but he will be so much more valuable as an inside backer.  He has that unique talent of not getting caught up in the trash.  He uses his peripheral vision to gauge where the block against him is coming from and is usually in position to defeat it when it comes.  He is strong and stout and is one of the quickest at shedding a block.  On the other hand, he still has a lot to learn about the front seven of a defense and if he is asked to be a vocal leader, he will have to become more confident in his own assignments.  This will take some time, but this kid could be more than a core player for the team that drafts him.  If he wants it enough, he could be a Pro Bowl linebacker in the future and a Pro Bowl MLB at that.  Those are hard to find. 

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 Drew Boylhart  April/12