Mohamed Sanu   WR   Rutgers 


 Round 1


Mohamed's size, natural strength, speed and excellent attitude on the field make him a potential franchise wide receiver.  He has very strong hands to catch the ball and those long arms that will make it very hard for defenders to use bump and run techniques against him. He is a strong route runner and will overpower smaller DB's. He runs good routes and is an excellent blocker. Mohamed has the speed to get deep and the strength to catch short passes and break them for big yardage after the catch.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and is the type of wide receiver that does not complain if the ball is not coming his way. He is a hard worker and will put in the time to continue to learn and grow mentally at his position. He is a smart player who has been used at multiple receiver positions and at times in the backfield.  In my book, Mohamed is one of the best WR's in this draft.  I call him Mohamed.  I got nothing else because Sanu is just that good.    



There is a bit of a learning curve for Mohamed because of the overall competition level of the DB's that he played against.  He will have to learn the nuances of zone routes and reading defenses on the run as well as just the normal techniques of his position to make him better at the next level.  I have no doubt that he will accomplish all of this.



If you need a wide receiver, draft Mohamed at any point in the draft and don't look back.  He will be as good as any of the more highly rated wide receivers.  The truth is, he might wind up being the best of this group once he gets through the learning curve.  Mohamed has that "do anything" attitude that will go a long way at the next level.  He will not make demands in the media to be the #1 wide receiver for his team; he will let the media come to that conclusion all by themselves through his play on the field. I suspect by mid season the fans of the team that drafts Mohamed will fall in love with him and never want to let him go.  I don't care if a team drafts this kid in the top ten of this draft or he is the very last player drafted at all.  Mohamed is going to carry your passing game in a way that you will not need a franchise quarterback on your team to make it to the Super Bowl.  He has that type of talent.  I always say that you can find wide receivers at any point in a draft; however, you don't find football players like Mohamed just anywhere so if you want him then look to draft him early because after his workouts, the talk will heat up about him.

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12