Morris Claiborne   CB   LSU


 Round 1


Morris has the size, strength and speed to battle the Calvin Johnsons of the NFL one-on-one all game long.  He shows mental toughness and is an excellent teammate.  He exhibits solid leadership skills and works well with the safeties to allow them to go in the box against the run as he goes one-on-one in coverage.  He is aggressive when shedding blocks and making tackles.  He is very smart, understands situational football and reads his opponent on the run better than most NFL corners do.  He has quick feet and long strides that allow him to recover very quickly.  Morris has very good strength and will go up and get the ball.  He is very adept inside the red zone and will shut down the fade pass most offenses like to use against smaller corners.  Morris can be used inside or outside in nickel-dime coverage because of his size, strength and tackling ability.  He can be used to blitz from the outside because of his size and speed.  You could also use him as a single free safety because of his speed and ability to intercept the ball.  He is the type of player who can play more than one position in your defensive backfield and the type of player you can build your defensive back field around.  He plays on the coverage units on special teams and returns kicks.  Morris still has room to get better which is saying a lot because even now I consider him one of the best cornerbacks in this draft.



Morris is a little slow with his backpedal, so to compensate he turns himself to one side or the other. This works well when he can use the sideline, but he can be beat easily on quick slant routes in third and short or red zone situations.  However, if he guesses right on a slant route, he will be tough to beat.  



Morris will make your pass rush better because of his pure coverage skills.  He will upgrade your defensive backfield because he can play multiple positions at a very high level. He can shut down those big, tall, strong receivers and because of his length, speed and football intelligence, he will aggravate the crap out of the small, quick receivers.  That's a pretty good football player!  I suggest if you need a cornerback with this type of talent, you don't hesitate to draft Morris at any point in this draft.  Morris looks to be a future Pro Bowl player with leadership skills and talent.  Isn't drafting players like Morris and adding them to your team what the draft is all about? 


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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12