Nick Foles   QB   Arizona  


 Round 5


Nick has the size and arm strength most teams in the NFL are going to love.  He can throw the ball better than a lot of starting QB's in the NFL right now.  He is tall and, in spite of the fact that he lines up in shotgun on just about every snap, he is a pure pocket passer.  Nick shows solid leadership skills and very good game management skills when everything is going right.  He has good football intelligence and will carry out the game plan a coach has put in place in the face of adversity.  Nick is going to wow the scouts in workouts and change a lot of teams' minds on how successful he will be at the next level.  He has excellent stats from his college years in spite of his teams' lack of winning success.



Nick struggles to perform in the face of college pass rushers.  His decision making goes out the window when under pressure.  He does not move very well in the pocket to extend a play when a play breaks down. His delivery and release point changes if he is under pressure, which creates havoc with his accuracy. He is tall, but in general does not move well out of the pocket to gain yardage if needed and his mechanics go to pieces.  There are times he winds up before throwing the ball and this is a big problem if he cannot extend plays.  



If you draft Nick, make sure he is in a system that gives him max protection or he will struggle big time.  I see an excellent practice QB who can win two games out of four, but as a sixteen game starter in the NFL, his overall game and its problems will be too much to overcome. He looks like a smart kid and is a good teammate, but I'm not convinced, just because of his size and arm, that Nick will be anything more than a solid backup QB.  He reminds me a lot of Brian Brohm, former 2nd round selection of the Green Bay Packers in the 2008 draft, who is out of the league as of this writing.

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12