Peter Konz   OC/OG   Wisconsin 


 Round 2


Peter has good size and overall athletic talent to play the center position at the next level.  He shows on film to have the ability to make all the snaps and to be quick out of his stance.  He excels against 3-4 defenses when a nose tackle is right on him.  He is quick to fire out in the running game to make his blocks.  He looks to have excellent leg and upper body strength.  He does a solid job blocking for the passing game and has good enough feet to be used in a zone blocking scheme as well.  Peter seems to have solid leadership skills and mental stamina; he gives excellent effort on every play.  Peter is a solid player and although he still needs time to develop, he will be an asset for the team that drafts him. 



Peter has some lateral agility, but seems to forget (or not properly execute) his techniques when pass blocking and moving laterally.  This should be easy to address.  There are some small issues like staying with his blocks longer and continuing to move his feet once he engages when pass blocking; however, most of these issues are correctable.  Right now, Peter is beat easily when he is up against a 1-gap defense and players lining up just off his shoulders.  That means Peter will not be at his best in a spread offense.  I'm not sure Peter will ever be that good a pass blocker, but he should be solid.  Then again, if you know this when you draft him, be prepared to COACH him along. 



Peter is a smart kid; he's not afraid of hard work and will continue to get bigger, stronger and better.  At the next level, he will learn better techniques to mask his lack of really good lateral agility in order to become a solid pass blocker.  Add to that improvement in the other issues I mentioned and Peter should be an excellent center for years to come.  Teams that go up against 3-4 defense are going to rate Peter higher than teams that go up against a lot of 4-3 defense.  That's because Peter handles a bull rush very well and handles a nose tackle very well.  So it's not unlikely that Peter could be selected late in the first round. The truth is, no matter what round you draft this kid in you should be selecting a quality person who is going to play the center position for a good ten years at a high level.  That's what the draft is all about.  

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12