Quinton Coples   DE/DT   North Carolina


 Round 4


Quinton is the kind of long-legged, long-armed defensive lineman that NFL teams and coaches fall in love with.  He has the height and reach to knock down passes and has the burst off the line to be an impact pass rusher. He looks to be in workout shape and, I'm sure with his overall athletic talents and size, will be considered as the perfect defensive end that can play in any style of defense. He has that long stride off the line that causes offensive tackles fits unless they have long enough arms and lateral agility to match his stride. When you look in the NFL book of the perfect looking specimen for a defensive end to be successful in the NFL, you might see Quinton standing there.  Quinton (on film) reminds me of Jason Taylor (DE Miami Dolphins) and, in a perfect football world, would suggest that Quinton could play like Jason his whole career.  Then again, looks can be deceiving.



Quinton shows (in his play) a tremendous lack of pass rushing skills, passion, improvement from year to year, work ethic, football intelligence, instincts, team play and overall understanding of what is expected of him on every play.  He is very good when he is unblocked, but struggles and is easily handled one-on-one when engaged.  He requires no double teaming and running backs do not need to stay in to pick him up or help out blocking him.  He makes good tackles in the open field, but struggles to get off any blocks and make tackles.  Quinton plays like he was taught just to bottle up the man that is blocking him and let others do the tackling.  If Quinton was over 300 lbs, you might consider him a decent defensive tackle; but the truth is, he doesn't want to be a defensive tackle.  Other than those playing issues, Quinton is one fine LOOKING football player and I just bet he will put up some excellent workout numbers for the NFL scouts.



I get one of these every year.  A player everyone suggests is a first round player and an impact player.  I turn on the film and believe me, I just shake my head.  Sometimes, these players fall out of the first round, but most of the time, I get crushed suggesting the player is not fit to be a 1st round player. Quinton has the athletic talent to be as good as Jason Taylor, but the fact is that his own college team takes him off the field inside the red zone in pass rushing situations.  To me, that suggests they don't think Quinton is stepping up. My guess is that Quinton is playing because when someone gave him a scholarship, they promised him he would start.  I don't have any reason to believe he earned that starting spot because he has done nothing on the field to warrant being a starter.  Maybe at the next level he can turn into a pass rush specialist, but unless this kid sees the light, I'm not sure what kind of player you will be drafting.  The truth is, he is a bust at the college level. Of course you will have to look at film to come to this conclusion and most draft experts do not.  The experts listen to "inside" information and marketing, but do not look at film unless, they look at this profile to gain a true perspective.  I dare anyone to turn on any North Carolina game and show me Quinton playing anywhere near what you would expect of a first round, dominating, pass rushing, defensive end.  Don't bother sending me any You Tube crap because believe me, that does not tell the story. There is hope for Quinton to keep his 1st round rating if he shows up for the Senior Bowl game and makes three or four sacks. Then everyone will rate him as the next great pass rusher in the football world.  The problem with that is they will be wrong because I suspect that will be all Quinton shows up for. Quinton has the athletic talent to do whatever he wants on a football field and play multiple positions.  The problem is, he doesn't have the intangibles to match that talent and you know me, the intangibles are a must for me to considered any player a 1st round selection.  I know, I know...who the hell do I think I am?! 





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 Drew Boylhart   DEC /11