Robert Griffin III   QB   Baylor  


 Round 1


Robert has one of the quickest releases I have seen since Dan Marino.  He has a strong arm and is extremely accurate on all the throws needed for the next level.  He has excellent athletic talent to run any style offense.  Robert is smart and has notable off the field maturity to handle the outside pressures a franchise QB will encounter for the NFL team that selects him.  There is nothing Robert cannot do on the field.  He can run the ball, throw with accuracy and stand tall in the pocket.  Robert has the respect of his teammates and coaches.  He has excellent leadership skills; his off field maturity and on field athletic talent makes Robert a top 10 selection for this draft and a potential franchise quarterback for the team that drafts him. If you need a franchise QB, you trade your firstborn for this kid as players with Robert's potential only come along once in a lifetime.  I call him Robert (Dan) Griffin III because when he stands tall in the pocket and releases the football so quickly he reminds me of Marino, who had the quickest release in the east. 



Robert plays in a run option offense, but because of his thin build and ability to throw, that will not be the style of offense he will impact in for the NFL.  His ability to release the ball so quickly and hit a target accurately suggests he is a pure pocket passer.  That means he will have to learn how to read defenses and learn to throw against zone coverages.  Robert has a lot of learning to do, but he is smart and should learn quickly.  He also needs to bulk up to take the pounding at the NFL level.  Injuries will keep him off the field if he runs the ball and doesn't protect himself, which may stunt his QB growth.  Right now, Robert looks for his hot read and if it's not open, he pulls the ball down and runs.  He will have to learn to stick in the pocket and go through his progressions and NOT RUN THE BALL.  Right now Robert shows leadership skills off the field, but on the field when adversity strikes, Robert goes to his athletic talent before he demands that others pick up their games.  All of these issues are normal for athletic QB coming out in a draft, but Robert has the ability to understand these limitations and the work ethic to overcome them all.



The team that drafts the next potential Dan Marino will have some growing pains to go through before Robert becomes the quarterback his talents suggest he can become.  His quick release will give him the ability to learn quickly -- as soon as he trusts it more than he trusts his running talent.  Robert's athletic talent and lack of bulk are a gift and a curse. To be able to run with his speed is a gift, but running and taking hits with his lack of bulk is the curse.  Robert gets in big games and if his team gets behind, he will typically revert to running the ball.  He gets impatient and doesn't use the talent around him.  He thinks he can do it all himself and, until he stays in the pocket and makes the choice to throw the ball instead of run, his team will struggle to come from behind.  In every game I have seen him play where they have been behind, Robert reverts to his running game; unfortunately, this type of thinking will get Robert injured and keep him off the field at the next level.  Robert is a pure pocket passer with excellent accuracy and touch on all his throws.  His strength for the NFL is as a pocket passer and not as a runner. He can work in any style of offense that makes him throw the ball because as great a runner he is, throwing is his real strength for the NFL.  I would draft Robert to be the face of my franchise in a New York minute.  Like I said before, I haven't seen this kind of ability to throw the ball with the accuracy and quick release and overall passing talent in a quarterback since Dan Marino. 

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12