Rueben Randle   WR   LSU     


 Round 4


Rueben has excellent size and good speed to play his position.  He shows nice hands and is a tough receiver who will go over the middle to make the tough catches with a safety coming to rip his head off.  Rueben is a long striding type of receiver and because of this, has the ability to get deep.  He will go up and fight for the ball, which will serve him well in the red zone.  Rueben also uses his body to shield the ball on slant routes and is a match-up nightmare against the smaller defenders.  Rueben reminds me a lot of T J Houshmandzadeh #2 WR for the Bengals for eight years who was drafted in the 7th round of the 2001 draft.   



Rueben has good hands, but he doesn't show the ability and body control to adjust to a pass quickly.  Right now, he is not a "read and react" type of receiver, which limits the style of offense Rueben in which will be effective.  He runs good routes, but is not quick in and out of his breaks and I suspect this will always be a problem because of his long legs.  A good safety can cover Rueben.



There are a lot of receivers in this draft that have the talent Rueben has.  Personally, I wouldn't be jumping up and down like a kid on a trampoline thinking you got the steal of the draft if your team selects him.  He will be a solid receiver and he should be very good inside the red zone receiver.  For you fantasy league guys, on the right team and in the right system, he could score a lot of touchdowns but all of that just means (for the draft) that Rueben is a situational receiver and not a #1 WR around whom you build your passing game.  I like his potential to be effective in the red zone and I believe that's why some teams will rate him higher than other teams will.  He does have some decent run after the catch abilities, but seems to be more of a run the route, catch the ball, go to the ground type of receiver.   That's not a bad thing, but for a west coast offense that will not fly.  Rueben fits a play action, vertical passing game offensive system better than most other systems, but he lacks the true speed or quickness to impact consistently in that style of offense.  Then again, pair him up with a great QB and who knows what can happen!  My feeling about wide receivers in a draft is that you can find them in any round.  There are exceptions to this rule and I'm not afraid to list a wide receiver in my personal top ten if he is the exception, but I just do not see that in this case.  Rueben should be a solid player for the team that drafts him and, late in the draft, would make a very good draft pick.  Drafting Rueben too early and expecting him to be the key to your passing offense, I think, is expecting too much. 

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 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12