Ryan Lindley   QB   San Diego St 


 Round 1


Ryan has one of the strongest arms in this draft.  He has excellent size and has solid athletic skills that will serve him well at the next level.  He is a classic pocket passer with great accuracy when he sets his feet and uses good mechanics.  He is  terrific at turning the page after a mistake has been made by himself or his teammates and making a franchise throw to extend a potential lost down.  Ryan has the ability to pass his team to a win.  He has the ability to bring his team from behind and he has the intangibles to become a franchise quarterback for the team that drafts him.  Ryan can throw on the run if the play is scripted for him to do so and he has the accuracy when he does throw on the run.  Don't be fooled by some that suggest Ryan is not accurate when throwing the ball because he is.  Remember this, numbers may not lie but, they do not tell the whole story either.   



If you combine all the dropped passes and the passes that Ryan throws badly when rushing his mechanics and, on top of that, add the lack of a very inconsistent offensive line, I think you will see that Ryan has the potential to be a very accurate passer.  Ryan thinks and throws before he is ready a lot of times, which causes him to look very bad at times.  He is the type of player who will be a better NFL QB than he has been a college QB.  He needs some good coaching and he has to learn to read defenses better.  He can't read a corner or safety blitz to save his life and does not help his offensive line out much with their blocking schemes.  His confidence is shot, but when he takes his time and uses good mechanics and throws in rhythm, it's like watching the perfect passing play unfold in front of you.  Don't get me wrong -- this kid is not shy in the pocket, he just is trying to react to quickly.  He is impatient...that's his biggest problem.



The team that drafts Ryan is going to have to go through some growing pains, but believe me it will be worth it.  As soon as Ryan has confidence in his own game, he is going to grow emotionally and mentally in leaps and bounds.  Ryan's strength in the future will be in the 2-minute drill.  If a defense uses three down linemen to rush him, he will eat that defense up and spit it out all over the field.  He can throw on the run, but he truly works the best from the pocket.  He has solid athletic ability to work the pocket and, once he learns these skills, he will be very dangerous.  This kid is a sleeper; everyone is downgrading him because of an accuracy stat that just does not tell the whole story and because of the quality of the competition he has played against.  If you are one of those that are downgrading Ryan, I suggest you watch some film and look at HOW he plays the game and how much help (or lack of help) he had on his team.  I think you will see a gritty quarterback who doesn't care about stats.  He just wants to win and, in wanting to win so badly, is impatient.  I suspect Ryan will not be drafted as high as I have rated him, but I would think teams like the Steelers, Ravens, Bills, Redskins, Jets and more will fall in love with this kid's arm once he starts to work out.  Last year I told you that Jack Locker (QB, Titans), would be a top ten pick and he was.  The year before, I told you Tim Tebow (QB, Broncos), would be drafted in the first round and he was and this year I'm telling you Ryan has potential franchise QB talent and should be drafted in the first round.  I might be wrong about what round Ryan gets drafted in (that's why we have Rob's value board), but I'm not wrong about his talent and potential.    

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 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12