Ryan Tannehill   QB   Texas A&M


 Round 1


Ryan has the size, arm strength and athleticism to be a franchise QB in the NFL.  He plays from the pocket and throws the ball with excellent velocity and accuracy.  He can make all the throws needed to compete in the NFL level with the ease.  His mechanics are excellent and when the play breaks down, he can extend the play and still make off-balance throws with good velocity and accuracy.  Ryan shows leadership qualities and does not expect more out of his teammates than he does himself. He is smart and although still learning how to read defenses, he gets better every game in which I have seen him play. This improvement from game to game suggests that Ryan is a fast learner with a solid work ethic.  He is starting to take control of the offense more and more as he plays each game.  He shows excellent confidence in himself, but is not over confident. Ryan stands tall in the pocket in the face of pressure.  His release point and his arm speed stay the same when he feels the pressure from the outside or sees it from the inside.  Ryan stays in the pocket and moves around very well.  He doesn't take off at the first sign of trouble and cause the play to break down. The cold weather teams should be looking hard at this kid because of his arm strength, accuracy, leadership, ability to improve and mental stamina. Ryan is a team player and his teammates are going to want to play with him, and for him, because of this attitude. Ryan reminds me a lot of Eli Manning (QB NY Giants).  I call him Ryan (The Natural) Tannehill because in spite of the fact that he can play other positions, his natural position is quarterback.  You can see it every time he takes a snap -- no movement is forced.



Ryan is still learning how to read defenses, perform pre-snap reads and manage the mental aspects of the QB position at the college level.  But he has a Ryan Mallett (QB NE Patriots) arm and accuracy without the baggage and he's smart and learns fast.  Give him a little time with a good coach and this kid will learn real fast.  



If someone were to say to me that for their team, in this upcoming draft that they think Ryan Tannehill would be a better fit and would select him before any other QB in this draft, I would not be surprised at all.  Ryan can play in any style of offensive system.  I would think, for some cold weather teams that Ryan could be rated as the first QB on their boards on draft day. There are other teams that will go with Matt Barkley (USC) and Andrew Luck (Stanford) because Ryan does not have the body of work that these and other QB's may have in this draft.  For me, a body of work is nice to look at, but I see what I see and in Ryan, I saw a potential franchise QB the first time I saw him play.  It's the old "hair on the back of the neck standing up" test for me that Ryan passed. I don't need to see a body of work when that happens.  I'm not saying that test is always right, and I'm not saying that I think every player that passes that test gets a positive review from me either.  What I'm saying is that if a player passes the hair on the back of the neck test, I have a tendency to scrutinize that player more than normal because I need to understand why I had that initial reaction. I have scrutinized Ryan and believe me, he is, and will be, as good as any other QB who will be selected in this draft.  In my opinion, he is a top ten pick and will be for some others by the time we get to the 2012 NFL Draft (barring any  injury).

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 Drew Boylhart   Nov/11