Shea McClellin   DE/LB   Boise St   


 Round 1


Shea is one of the best 3-4 OLB's in this draft.  He has excellent quickness and when he puts his hand on the ground, his burst off the line is as good as good can be.  He is smart and uses his hands very well to keep defenders off his body.  Shea is very stout at the point of attack and with his pass rush explosion off the line, stoutness against the run and football intelligence, you can't go wrong drafting Shea at any point in the draft.  He shows leadership skills and looks to be an excellent teammate. Shea has the ability and intelligence to play in any style of defense.  He could be an ILB or OLB in a 3-4 and it would not surprise me at all if he had the athletic talent to play MLB or OLB in a 4-3 defense. Shea is not a flashy type of player because he is always in the right position and understands down and distance football.  There is not a lot of wasted movement when this kid plays.  They asked him to rush the passer - he did it in an impactful style.  They asked him to defend against the run, he does it and impacts.  That's why I call him Shea (He Does It) McClellin.



Shea will play faster than he will time.  He plays the game effortlessly, which may surprise a lot of scouts when he plays in the Senior Bowl.  He doesn't look fast, but let him rush the passer and you will see how fast he is.  Not sure how well he will do in man coverage, but I can tell you this:  in zone coverage, in any linebacker position and in any style of defense, he will not disappoint.



When you draft Shea, you have just drafted a leader for your defense. My gut tells me he can cover just fine, but I haven't seen that on film; therefore, that's a question mark.  I have seen his explosion off the line and because of his style of play, that explosion when pass rushing is surprising.  He plays with an easy, confident style that makes you think he is not trying that hard, but as I said before, his style is deceiving.  Most of the time players like Shea get drafted in the 3rd or 4th rounds because most teams will think he lacks speed.   I can tell you this, he does not lack playing speed and that is the difference.  Put on the film and just watch Shea play.  Be careful because he might lull you to sleep; however, just when you think you can turn off the tape, he will get a couple of sacks, three or four QB pressures, four or five tackles and help to shut down the other team's offense. Whatever you need Shea to do, he just does it.  You can count on him to shut down the strength of any offense by using him to rush the passer or shut down the running game.  I nicknamed him Shea (He Does It) McClellin because he just does it! 

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 Drew Boylhart   Jan /12