T. Y. Hilton   WR/ST   Florida International     


 Round 1


T.Y. Hilton is the most dangerous receiver in this draft.  He is one of the fastest, but what makes him the most dangerous is his quickness and his ability to run excellent routes.  He is a tough kid and will go across the middle on crossing routes.  He has excellent after the catch abilities and he affects the defense on every play even if he is not involved.  If T.Y. is on the field, you must keep a safety deep and over the top.  I don't believe there is any corner in the NFL who is going to be able to stay with this kid all game long.  He has excellent hands on the deep ball and when catching the short, quick passes also.  If you want your running game to open up and you need speed and impact in your passing game, then you draft a player like T.Y. and don't look back.  He can play any one of the receiver positions, is smart and understands situational football. This kid is a playmaker, as a receiver and as a punt returner.  T.Y. has played in a spread offense in three, four & five receiver sets and this style of offense gives him a tremendous benefit in match-ups.  But the truth is that, in any style of offense and at any receiver position, T.Y. will impact.  I call him T.Y. (Life Support) Hilton because when he gets his hands on the ball your defense will go into life support status, trying to revive itself for the next critical situation.   



Fumbles, fumbles, fumbles -- that is the biggest issue that I have with T.Y.  He holds the ball away from his body when he runs, which could be a big problem at the next level.  He has good size but will need to add some bulk to take the pounding at the next level.  Regardless, the fumbles are the real problem. The competition level he played against will also affect what round he will be selected in, but make no mistake about it.  He is an impact player. 



You can't pass on players who have the potential to impact like this kid has because you might think he will have problems with injuries at the next level.  You also don't pass on drafting a player with this type of talent because you think the level of competition that he played against was not as strong as you would like to see.  You also don't pass on this type of talent because T.Y. played in a lot of 3, 4 and 5 receivers sets.  You just draft him.  His speed, quickness, work ethic and football intelligence all compensates for any questions you might have about TY.  He is an impact player and you just have to draft him, put him on the field and fit him into the offensive system you all ready have in place.  Every time he is on the field he affects how the defense is going to play him, and I mean every time.  He is that dangerous.  There is not a lot of talk about this kid so I don't have a clue what round he might be drafted in.  I suggest you watch Rob's board and hope your team drafts him because he will put all the defenses in your division on life support. He is a match-up nightmare.  

 The BS Detector 

 Drew Boylhart  Feb /12