Trent Richardson   RB   Oklahoma


 Round 1


Trent's running style is a combination of the brute force of a Michael Turner (RB Atlanta), the vision and "in the hole" cutting quickness of Ray Rice (RB Baltimore), and the talent to catch the ball down field like Matt Forte (RB Chicago). He has excellent vision in the hole and knows how to set up his blocks to make it easy for offensive linemen to block for him.  Trent shows excellent explosion and quickness to go along with some dynamite speed.  He is a load to bring down in the open field and will punish smaller defensive backs when they go to tackle him.  Trent can catch the ball down the field as well as any wide receiver and can be used in different formations as a slot receiver in a spread offense on third and long situations.  He does a nice job pass blocking and stepping up and taking on blocks to help protect his quarterback.  He shows excellent leadership skills through his play on the field and has great football intelligence and maturity.  Trent is a franchise running back.  He can play in any style of offense and impact. He can stay on the field for running downs or passing downs and impact.  He can play multiple positions as a  slot receiver, wide receiver or running back in a one-back or two-back offense.  I call him Trent (The Wonderback) Richardson. 



Trent will have to learn to read the defense at the NFL level better to help protect his quarterback in pass protection, but I am nit picking.  Trent is smart and will have no problems accomplishing this.



Trent is one of the best players in this draft -- in fact, some might say he is the best.  He should impact right away for the team that drafts him.  Every year we go through the experts suggesting that the NFL is a passing league and then about half-way through the season, teams who are losing begin to rely on the running game to start winning once again.  You cannot go through the season and keep a healthy quarterback without the threat of a strong running game for defenses to worry about and game plan for. History has proven that many teams win with average quarterbacks who have excellent running backs in the back field.  History has also proven that not many franchise quarterbacks succeed without a running game to balance the offense. It's simple -- the formula is excellent running game equals a lesser chance of the quarterback getting hit and injured.  Trent will be a very successful running back and a multi-talented threat for all defenses on every down.  Teams like the Colts, Rams, Panthers should be very interested in adding Trent (The Wonderback) Richardson to a quarterback and offensive coordinator who will know how to take advantage of his talents.

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 Drew Boylhart   Nov/11