Trumaine Johnson   CB   Montana     


 Round 4


Trumaine has the size you're looking for in a cornerback for the NFL.  He has solid CB skills and will be able to turn and run with the bigger wide receivers in the NFL.  Trumaine has the ability to cover big tight ends in pass catching situations and, in the red zone in nickel-dime coverage, should be an asset.  He shows good feet and has long legs and arms that will help him when covering.  Trumaine shows good hands to make the interception which will serve him well in zone coverage.   



Trumaine is not fast enough or quick enough to be used as a starting cornerback.  He is slow to react when he has to support the run and is a marginal tackler at this point of his career.  I'm not convinced that he has the football intelligence to make up for his athletic abilities, which will be a problem when using him in zone coverage.  At this point for the draft, I think Trumaine is a specialty player to be used as a nickel-dime corner and in the red zone.



Trumaine has the size to be drafted earlier than I have him rated, but that doesn't mean he will be anything more than an average CB.  You can't put him in the game in the middle of the field because he will get beat deep every time.  You can't put him on the field inside the red zone close to the line because he wants no part of stopping the run game.  So until he grows a pair and becomes a better tackler, starting is out of the question.  But the draft is all about potential and Trumaine does have the potential to start at the NFL level. I just think for the purpose of this draft from what I see on film, he doesn't send those signals.   


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