Vinny Curry   DE   Marshall


 Round 2


Vinny has the size, strength, speed and overall athletic talent to be a impact defensive lineman for the team that drafts him. He has a good burst off the line and shows the change of direction skills and flexibility to be an impact pass rusher in the NFL also.  He is also solid in defending against the run and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  He is a smart player and although, at the college level, he is a pass rushing machine, he is very aware of his responsibilities in defending screen plays and running plays to his side of the field.  Vinny understands down and distance and plays his position accordingly.  He is just scratching the surface of his talent.  With good coaching, Vinny should develop into an excellent defensive end that can play in multiple fronts and be effective for the team that drafts him.  Vinny reminds me a lot of Marcellus Wiley (DE drafted by the Buffalo Bills).



Vinny has a long way to go before he can impact at the next level.  He lacks the physical and mental stamina at this point to play a full game at the same level he starts a game.  He gets very sloppy with his techniques and strength the more he plays.  He might be weight room strong, but he is not at the strength he needs to be in order to be effective at the next level on the field.  Vinny needs to work on a farm for the summer bailing hay and milking cows -- all by hand.  His impact will be directly related to hand strength and learning good hand usage to become a great pass rusher and run defender.  He has excellent speed, but will need more than speed to impact at the next level because right now, he struggles to disengage from offensive lineman.  At the college level, he is a speed rusher; however, in the NFL, his speed and quickness is good, but must be used in combination with hand strength and techniques to be effective.  In spite of these negatives, Vinny's effort on the field tells me he is worth developing and that he should develop quickly once he is in a good off field program and can concentrate all of his time on football. 



Vinny has the talent, size, and the effort on the field but until now, I'm not sure football has been his sole priority in life and that's what stops me personally rating Vinny as a 1st round selection.  Maybe it was going to class and getting good marks or maybe he thinks he is in good enough shape for the next level.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, I think it might be the latter.  Whatever the reasons, I think this kid will realize once he gets drafted and goes to camp how far behind he is.  At that point, I believe Vinny will work hard to get up to speed.  I think you're looking at a defensive end who will be a 5 to 10 sack per year player and have good run stopping abilities; however, I do not believe it will happen quickly.  I believe Vinny will have the respect of the fans, coaches and his teammates but all of it will depend on Vinny learning better techniques, getting stronger overall, increasing (drastically) his physical stamina and improving the strength of his hands.  It seems like a long list, but the truth is, almost every defensive lineman coming out in the draft has to improve in all of these areas and most do not have the given talent that Vinny has.  That's the key:  the talent is natural, which is what makes drafting Vinny so appealing.  Vinny has tremendous upside, but his LTI (length to impact) is a bit down the road.  For me personally, 1st round draft picks have to impact right away.  I can see Vinny moving up the draft boards after he works out, but remember, if Vinny can only produce at a first round level for two years of a four year contract will he be worth investing 1st round money in a contact for him? That's why I'm calling him Vinny (Upside) Curry. 


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 Drew Boylhart   DEC /11