Zach Brown   LB   North Carolina


 Round 1


Zach is a very athletic, very smart, instinctive linebacker.  He has good size and bulk to play his position and has the speed and quickness to play any one of the linebacker positions.  His strongest attributes are his explosiveness and instincts when defending against both the run and the pass. You need a restraining order to keep this kid out of your backfield.  He will stalk the QB and the RB relentlessly all game long.  He is the type of kid that plays the same way, not matter if his team is winning or losing.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Zach understands how to rush the passer, timing and how that plays into rushing the passer. He has excellent cover skills and understands his responsibilities in zone coverage also.  Zach is a complete linebacker.  He defends against the run with passion and the intensity that you don't see in many linebackers coming out of college anymore.  Zach has the talent to play in any style of defense, inside or outside.  I call him Zach (The Stalker) Brown because all he does all game long is stalk his opponent's offense and make plays all over the field. 



Zach doesn't seem to be a vocal leader and is not the type to put others on the team in position to make plays, but he gives credit to teammates on the field that do their assignments correctly so that he can make an impact play.



Zach's instincts are excellent.  He has the ability to wait for a play to develop and then make an impact tackle, an interception or sack. When he plays inside, he is not your typical inside linebacker who sheds blocks and makes tackles in the hole.  This is because Zach has that unique ability to beat his block to the hole and make a tackle before the running back can get started. The kid knows how to play and his ability to time his pass rush to his teammates' play is unique.  Zach reads the offense.  Most college players play and do what they learn in practice, but Zach goes that extra to dod the little things on the field in the game that allow him to make plays.  If he is supposed to make an inside rush, he might move over a step or two or hold his rush for second because he knows doing one of those two things will put more pressure on the lineman than just lining up for the conventional inside LB rush.  I'm not sure he even realizes that he is doing it.  My guess is these movements are so subtle that in film work most don't notice them either.  Zach is the type of player that could never tell you why he does what he does on the field because he just does it.  It's instinctive to him and unique. This is why he is not vocal on the field.  It's because he is working off what his teammates are doing even if they are in the wrong position.  He really does stalk the opponent play after play looking for that opening to make an impact play.  He is a natural outside linebacker, but as I said, he is smart enough to play any of the linebacker positions in any style of defense.  Just don't expect him to be your vocal leader on the field.  He is too busy stalking and is way too focused on what he is doing to worry about anyone else on the field.  He plays the game the same way Troy Polamalu (S - Pittsburgh Steelers) plays.  Just remember the name Zach (The Stalker) Brown -- his opponents are going to need a restraining order to keep him away from their QB and RB.      



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 Drew Boylhart   DEC /11