Aaron Dobson   WR   Marshall   




Aaron is the type of receiver that is open even when he is not open.  He could be unconscious and catch a pass.  He has excellent size and surprising natural strength.  He is a long-striding receiver with excellent balance and lower body strength that make it very hard to move him off his routes.  He is smart and knows how to set up a cornerback to get deep.  Aaron has the soft hands to catch the deep pass  as well as  the strong hands to catch the short passes and move the chains.  He is quick in and out of his breaks and, because of his smooth gate, is very hard for corners to read his routes.  He is smart, reads the defense on the run and does not give away when he is ready to catch the ball so defenders can't anticipate the pass and rake the ball free.  In spite of his height, he is athletic and has an excellent ability to adjust to the ball and make the acrobatic catch.  Aaron does a decent job blocking and looks to be an solid teammate.  He is an impact receiver because of his size, deceiving speed, quickness and great hands to catch the ball consistently. I call him Aaron (Coma) Dobson because he can catch a ball in an unconscious state.  He is one of the best wide receivers in this excellent receiver draft class.



You would love for Aaron to get a little stronger so that he could be better at gaining yardage after the catch, but I'm nit picking because Aaron gains his yards running very good routes.  He also needs to be a bit faster, but the truth is, he is fast enough and with his long stride he will cover ground more quickly than he will time anyway.



As far as catching the ball consistently and being the best at adjusting to the ball in the air, Aaron is the best in this group of receivers in this draft.  He is not the best at yards after the catch, but he might be the smartest route runner.  If you need to move the chains, he understands how to change gears running his short routes to put himself between the ball and the defender to make the catch.  He is very dangerous on the deep pass because he knows how to dupe the defender and not give away the flight of the ball.  This kid is the real deal and if you're looking for a franchise receiver in this draft, you might find ones that are flashier, but you will not find one that is better.  As I said, this kid could catch a pass in a coma.  As far as I'm concerned, he moves himself to the top of this draft class.


Drew “ The B.S. Detector” Boylhart