Alec Ogletree   LB   Georgia               




Alec is one of the most athletically talented linebackers in this draft.  He has excellent size and speed and is a lot stronger than he looks.  He has those long arms and legs that make it easy for him to cover ground quickly and the quick-twitch ability to change direction and speed to track down players in the open field.  He has the length to rush the passer and the cover skills to defend against pass catching tight ends.  He shows leadership skills and looks on film to be very football smart.  He has terrific instincts and can play multiple positions in multiple styles of defense.  He can play the safety position for you on some downs as well as play as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 defense or as a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 defense, which makes Alec too valuable a player to come off the field on any down.  You can even use him as a spy to defend against running quarterbacks because of his athleticism.  Alec was used in college as a cover linebacker.  By that, I mean his responsibility was to "cover up" for all the mistakes his teammates made on defense.   I call him Alec (Batman) Ogletree because, like Batman, who covered for all the mistakes the police made, Alec will continue to make up for the mistakes on defense for the team that drafts him. 



With all of his talent comes some off-field issues that teams will have to do their homework on and make decisions for themselves.  The key to drafting Alec is...can you trust him?  As far as I'm concerned in his play on the field, I found effort on every play, football intelligence and maturity in the way he played every game.  He tackles like a cornerback and not like a linebacker, by that I mean he is a drag down tackler and a secure tackler. 



The truth is, you're not drafting Alec to meet and shed a blocking offensive lineman and make a tackle in the hole on the line of scrimmage.  You're drafting him to make plays beyond the line of scrimmage, down the field or up the field.  He is a play maker.  That's how you draft him and that is what he will do.  Because of his long arms and legs, he will not be great at stopping running plays right at him, but he will learn to be an involved part of stopping the run as long as he is on the move.  He will stop and string out sweeps to his side.  He will sniff out screens and drop players behind the line of scrimmage.  He will make interceptions in pass coverage down the field and he will be an excellent pass rusher off the edge.  You can also use Alec as a blitzing linebacker that can get you sacks and disrupt plays in the backfield.  That is why you are drafting Alec. This is a player who could easily be selected in the top ten of this draft.  He is also a player who, if background checks come with serious concerns, could drop to the latter part of the first round.  I believe he will be selected at some point in the first round.  Right now, if I'm a team drafting in the first 10 picks, I'm doing my homework on this kid and praying I don't come up with anything off the field too bad because every one of these teams needs a playmaker on defense.  Every team in these spots needs a player who cannot only make plays but cover up for other teammates mistakes.  Every team needs a Batman. 


Drew “ The B.S. Detector” Boylhart