Alvin Bailey   OG   Arkansas




Alvin has good size, foot speed and potential to play either guard position at a high level for the team that drafts him.  He has long arms which will help him to pass block at the next level. Alvin has the ability to recover when he gets beat in pass blocking allowing his quarterback the ability to slid in the pocket and extend plays against stunts and blitzing linebacker.  He has solid overall strength and is a very good run blocker inside the red zone.  Alvin does a nice job blocking for both the run and the pass in spite of the fact that he is moved from one guard position to the next depending on the play that is called, down or distance during a game.  He is just now starting to learn that athletic ability is not all there is to playing football and that, when he is challenged and uses the correct technique, he steps up his game and aggressiveness.  This is the strongest part of his overall play right now.   



Alvin struggles to be consistent in any of his techniques, but in his defense, moving him back and forth from position to position during a game is the most ridiculous bunch of BS I have ever seen.  Alvin will need to control his weight.  Also, because he struggles to change direction in the open field, using him in a system that makes him go to the second level and block linebackers is not smart.  Alvin has a long way to go to correct the technical flaws that he has been using in college.  It will start with correcting his stance, getting his upper body stronger as well as teaching him the correct player to block on sweeps and screens.  Alvin will also have to learn to motivate himself to be more consistent.  He cannot wait until his quarterback is sacked and on his back before becoming aggressive and stepping up his play.  He has show a bit more mental toughness, but once again, expecting him to play consistently while moving him from side to side is a little too much for any offensive lineman.  Itís just ridiculous. 



I donít have much to say about the offensive line coaching for this team except to say itís a good thing Alvin is coming out early.  Every offensive linemanís stance is fundamentally wrong.  On the snap of the ball, the offensive linemen are all off balance with their weight on the heels.   The only time I saw the offensive line have correct stance and balance at the snap of the ball was on goal line plays when they ran the ball. On passing plays, every one of the offensive linemen stands straight up, weight back on their heels and off balance before they engage. Alvin has the talent to play left guard at the NFL position, but the longer he stayed in this program, the worse things would be for him.  Therefore, coming out early in my opinion was a smart move in spite of the fact that he is coming out too early. Confused?  Well, think about how confused Alvin must be moving from side to side in a game.  Think about how confused Alvin must be with his stance and responsibilities from one play to the next.  Think about how embarrassed Alvin must be when he makes a mistake because he just moved from right guard to left guard and didnít pick up a stunt or a blitz because he forgot what side he was playing on. Alvin has the talent and I think he has the mental strength to improve his consistency.  I see it when he makes a mistake and gets mad at himself and starts to play quicker and with more aggression without committing penalties.  He has the potential to play left tackle at the next level because of his pass blocking talent, foot quickness and long arms.  However, it will take some time to correct what Alvin is doing and he has to want to be better than he is right now.  I think the kid has it in him and because he is a potential left tackle, Alvin becomes a player who has excellent value for the team that drafts him. 


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart