Arthur Brown   LB   Kansas St      




Arthur plays bigger than his size.  He is very stout against the run because he uses excellent techniques.  He has the quick twitch speed and change of direction skills that allow him to be a strong cover linebacker.  He plays a lot in the middle of the defense for his college team, but for the NFL, he is definitely an outside linebacker for a 4-3 defense.  He is a good tackler and because of his ability out in space to stop the run, he fits as a strong side linebacker who deals with the tight end on most plays.  Arthur has the ability to cover slot receivers in zone coverage and also in a match-up zone coverage system.  Arthur has strong safety and linebacker skills to play sweeps and screen plays and shut them down.  He can rush the passer in blitzing situations because of his quickness and change of direction abilities.  Arthur is a quality football player and should become a core player for the team that drafts him.



Arthur's body type suggests that he cannot get any bigger.  This limits him to being a safety or an OLB.  If a team uses him as a safety on passing downs, he is limited to a two deep zone system because he lacks the make up speed to cover deep throws.  Because of his size, you can see that he lacks the stamina to take the pounding as an inside linebacker at the NFL level for a 16 game schedule.  Don't get me wrong...Arthur is in excellent shape, but because of his body type, playing inside would put too much strain on his body in my opinion.



When I look at Arthur on film, I see a player that gets better as the game goes on.  His play grows on you.  He is almost overmatched at the college level when he plays inside, but he does a very good job.  He takes smart angles and does a nice job staying on his feet, shedding blocks and making tackles.  However, unless he is attacking the line of scrimmage, most of his tackles (when playing inside) are after the needed yardage is gained.  As an outside linebacker, he is one of the best I have seen technique wise, in turning the sweep inside and standing his ground or bursting into the backfield to make a tackle in space.  This kid is a hell of a football player. He is football smart and shows leadership skills and is in on most every play.  He is very good in zone coverage and has some man-to-man skills to cover those pass catching tight ends, but he is not an inside linebacker at the NFL level.  He needs to be on the outside and if he is, he will impact. He is not big enough to be a 3-4 OLB, but he could play that position in certain packages and be very effective.  If you need a real good defensive player then don't hesitate to draft Arthur.  He will become one of the leaders on defense and a core player. 


Drew “ The B.S. Detector” Boylhart