Blidi Wreh-Wilson   CB   Connecticut     




Blidi has excellent size and athletic skills to impact for the team that drafts him.  He has long arms and legs with excellent reach to knock down passes.  Blidi demonstrates on film his good change of direction skills and the ability to close on a player who gets separation very quickly.  He is a smart player who understands zone concepts and positioning.  He is a willing tackler and does a nice job making sure his opponent doesn't get very many yards after the catch against him. Blidi has the length to shut down fade passers inside the red zone and does a decent job adjusting to the ball in the air to make interceptions. He is a strong enough tackler to move over and play as a single safety position because he can cover from sideline to sideline and shows sound football intelligence.  Blidi has the potential to be a shutdown corner against those bigger receivers that are becoming more and more prevalent in the NFL.



For Blidi to be the impact player his talents suggest he can be, he must get a lot stronger in his upper body so that he can move receivers off their routes and become a better tackler.  He is a willing tackler and does a good job supporting the run, but he is not a strong enough tackler and the bigger receivers will break tackles on him if he doesn't build up his strength.  The quick receivers will give him problems because of his long legs, but you are not drafting him to cover those receivers, you are drafting him to cover the bigger speed receivers.  He has some bad habits like looking back for the ball too soon which causes him to lose speed, but that's just technique work that he will adjust to at the NFL level.  To truly be a #1 cornerback, Blidi will have to work on his hands to make interceptions. He has all the other skills to be a very good cornerback in the NFL, but making interceptions is what will set him apart and make him an impact corner. 



Blidi has excellent potential, but right now you are drafting him purely on size and speed.  He needs to get a lot stronger and learn better techniques.  This is normal for most cornerbacks, but lack of strength is a big issue and has to be done without it affecting his speed.  I don't expect any problems in this area because Blidi looks on film to be a smart football player and making adjustments to a bigger, stronger physique should not be a problem. Even if Blidi does not become a #1 cornerback, he should become a core player and fan favorite and that's a pretty good draft choice to select in any draft.  The key to how impactful Blidi will become is in his hands.  Right now he struggles to make the interception which means he will not make as many big plays or get many turnovers and, whether we like it or not, turnovers are how corners are measured in the NFL. 


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart