Brian Schwenke   OG/OC   California




Brian might be one of the quickest inside offensive lineman in this draft.  He shows excellent leadership skills and has played more than one position in the interior line at a very high level.  He has decent size and strength to go along with quick feet and hands.  Brian has shown that he can make all the snaps and calls at the line and has the respect of his line mates because of the passion he plays with and his mental toughness.  He is an excellent drive blocker and never gives up when pass blocking.  He has the quick feet to recover when he gets beat, which is imperative for the success of an interior lineman when pass blocking.   



Brian lacks the technical skills that you would expect from a player who has played as many snaps as he has; however, in his defense, moving all over the line and still playing at a high level has to be more of a positive than a negative. He doesnít have the lateral agility to help out in pass coverage, but makes up for it because he is so quick out of his stance that he can use his feet to adjust in order to assist when pass blocking and double teaming.  He is quick to go out to the second level, but lacks the change of direction skills to be consistent. He needs to get a lot stronger in his upper body and use his arms consistently when he drives blocks instead of his helmet. He plays up too high when he pass blocks and needs to bend more to keep his balance, but all in all, Brian is the type of interior lineman you need to have on your team if you expect to be a playoff team. 



If youíre looking for an interior lineman who can play more than one position at a high level, you have to think about selecting Brian early in this draft.  There will be strength and technique issues that he will struggle with at first, but both of those issues will be easily improved at the next level.  I expect Brian to be successful due to his quickness off the ball, his quick feet, his football intelligence and the passion and effort he shows on every play. You donít pass on players like Brian if you expect to have a playoff team.  The fans may struggle to see his value, but the coaches will not.  Brian has the ability to be an interior lineman for the team that drafts him for ten years and the ability to be one of its leaders.  He just needs a little time.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart