Brian Winters   OT/OG   Kent St




Brian has the foot speed and quickness out of his stance that you love to see in an offensive lineman.  He shows a lot of mental toughness and has decent lateral agility.  He is quick to go out to the second level to make his blocks and uses his quick feet to re-position himself and wall off linebackers in spite of the fact that he has decent change of direction skills.  He plays left tackle for his college team, but his impact position at the next level should be as a left guard because he has the foot speed to recover when pass blocking to allow quarterbacks to slide in the pocket and extend plays. Brian is a very smart player and understands how a defense is attacking the offensive line when they are blitzing.  He works well with his other lineman and has the unique ability to see and understand the angles linebackers have to take to make plays behind the line of scrimmage.  This ability to analyze on the run along with his quick feet to adjust is very unique and not a skill many excellent offensive linemen posses.  Brian has the football intelligence and athletic ability to play at a very high level as a center and I would work him out at that position to see if he can make all the snaps.  If he can, than I suspect that Brian could be selected in the early rounds of this draft because he could be a Pro Bowl Center or Left Guard.   



Brian played Left Tackle and will have to correct a few bad habits including playing too high and losing leverage when pass blocking.  However, this should not be a problem because when Brian is covered up and in a three point stance, he shows great technique in run blocking and pass blocking. For Brian, the key will be physical stature and stamina.  He must get strong in his upper body to go through a 16 game schedule and has already had shoulder problems that have set him back in gaining that strength.  His ability to gain the upper body strength quickly will be the key to him become a starting Left Guard in the NFL or just an offensive lineman who can play back up and play more than one position in a pinch.



Because of Brianís short arms he has to get strong to defeat pass rushing Defensive Tackles/Ends with length that play in 3-4 defenses.  If he doesnít get that upper body strength, he will struggle.  Iím not saying that Brian isnít strong, he is plenty strong -- but having the strength in his shoulders will be imperative for him to use that strength.  Brian has excellent quickness and moves his feet very well, but the longer armed and legged players will defeat him in pass blocking situations unless he gets stronger in his shoulders.  As I said before, how well Brian heals from his shoulder injury and prevents injuries going forward will be the key to his success; that and playing guard instead of tackle.  Brian has the potential to be an excellent guard and it would not surprise me if he wound up being even a better center.  He will be a value pick for the team that selects him in this draft.  He reminds me a lot of former Buffalo Bills Guard, Andy Levitre.  The difference is that Brian Winters is a lot bigger; however, he has a similar mental approach and attitude to impact.    


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart