Chance Warmack   OG   Alabama    




Chance is an excellent pulling guard and might be one of the best I have seen going out to the second level to make a block on a linebacker.  He shows good quickness and excellent balance to go along with quick feet. He has long arms for his size and has a tenacious attitude that will serve him well for the challenges he will come up against at the next level.  Chance is smart and works well in the offensive blocking system with his teammates.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Chance does not miss many blocks in the running game.  His overall athleticism is excellent for his size; his quickness and speed make it easy for him to get out in front for screen plays and sweeps.  He has good strength, mental toughness and is stout against the big defensive linemen that want to try and bull rush him when he is pass blocking.  Although Chance has played exclusively at the left guard position for his college team, for the NFL team that drafts him, I believe he will be an excellent RIGHT guard.   



Chance struggles with pass blocking at the college level because of his lack of lateral agility.  His lateral agility is fine at the college level, but will be taken advantage of at the NFL level.  His height and overall athletic ability suggest that he would be a better fit in the NFL as a center; however, he has never shown that he can play that position to my knowledge.  Chance is an excellent run blocking offensive lineman, maybe one of the best I have seen in a long time, but his pass blocking for the next level is suspect and moving over to the right side of the offensive line would be beneficial.  The reason for this is that most defenses use their run stuffing defensive linemen up against the right guard and, on passing downs, the center can slide and help Chance out if need be.      



I think if you're projecting Chance to be a left guard in the NFL, you might be asking too much of him.  I believe that he would be an excellent center, but that's just conjecture at this point because he has never played center. His size, quick feet and his stoutness to handle someone right over him is excellent IF he gets his hands on his opponent at the snap of the ball.  He also fits, and should play the day after you draft him, as a right guard and I suspect will be a Pro Bowl player in the future at that position.  For me, to give an offensive lineman a first round talent grade, he has to be a left tackle or an interior player who has proven that he can play more than one position.  I will give right tackles a first round talent grade if they have shown the ability or talent to play some at left tackle, but guards that just play guard can be found in the draft all over the place. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule, but because Chance struggles in pass protection with the more talented pass rushers at the college level, you have to surmise that will be magnified at the next level.  Chance's height will be a problem for a lot of teams in this draft, but for me, because of his overall play, I believe that is not a real issue.  If Chance goes to the Senior Bowl and plays some center and does well, then I'm looking at this kid as first round talent and would draft him in a heartbeat.  But if he just plays guard then the value of the position becomes more of an issue as to what round Chance will be drafted in.  Either way, you can't miss drafting Chance in any round -- he should be an excellent offensive lineman and one of the leaders of your offensive line.


Drew "The B.S. Detector" Boylhart